Proceedings Magazine - June 1971 Vol. 97/6/820

Cover Story

With a foreword by Colonel Robert M. Krone, U. S. Air Force



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  • Eisenhower at the Naval War College
    By Gen. of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower

    With a foreword by Colonel Robert M. Krone, U. S. Air Force

  • Trends in World and Domestic Fisheries
    By Cdr. J. H. Johnson, USNR

    One night soon, at about 40° North latitude, within a few miles of our Pacific coast, a commanding officer will be awakened by his watch and informed that radar contact has been made with an object ahead dead in the water. After a few minutes...

  • Professionalism: The Hard Choice
    By Col F. C. Thayer, USAF (Ret.)

    Sooner or later, all military men must choose, as George C. Marshall and others—the Radfords and the Andersons—had to choose between “fusion,” that gray world where political and military expertise are no long...

  • The Bear That Swims Like a Fish
    By Rear Adm. Kemp Tolley, USN (Ret.)

    A French cartoonist sees the Russian bear, fresh from a swim in the warm Mediterranean, contentedly sunning itself on the sands of northern Africa, a steel-shod paw within striking distance of the Suez Canal, which has become the Soviet Union...

  • Time to Change
    By Lt. Cdr. E. L Frasier, USN (Ret.)

    Man, the smartest of the animals, still has a way to go, for he has yet to adopt a proper, universal system for the measurement of such basic concepts as space and time. Even as Americans, technological leaders of the world, achieved...

  • Navy Sundowner Par Excellence
    By Adm. J. J. Clark, USN (Ret.)

    During the Korean War, it was my good fortune to command Task Force 77 in the Japan Sea in the fall of 1951. Our Fleet Commander was Vice Admiral Harold M. “Beauty” Martin. One day the two of us began reminiscing about the Navy...

  • Pictorial—The U. S. Coast Guard Academy
    Text by Lt. (j.g.) R.). Pratte, USCG Photography by Chief Photographer's Mate William M. Powers, USN.

    Appropriately enough, the U. S. Coast Guard Academy, the primary source of career officers for the nation’s oldest continuous seagoing service, is located on the Thames River in New London, Connecticut, one of the nation’s...

  • The Old Navy: The Wreck of the Tacoma
    By Rear Admiral Kendall S. Reed, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    In mid-January 1924, the protected gunboat USS Tacoma (PG-32) was ordered to proceed from Galveston to Veracruz, where an army under General de la Huerta occupied the city in rebellion against the Federal Government of Mexico. Arriving off...

  • Comment and Discussion

    “A United States Navy for the Future"

    (See R. H. Smith, p. 18-25. March 1971 PROCEEDINGS)

    Herbert Pendergast—It was heartening to read Captain Smith’s essay in the...

  • Book Reviews and Book List

    Jane’s Surface Skimmers: Hovercraft and Hydrofoils 1970-71

    Roy McLeavy (ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill, 1970, 332 pp. Illus. $24.50.

    Reviewed by Richard F. Cross, III

  • Professional Notes

    A New Partnership: the Helicopter and the Destroyer

    By Lieutenant (j.g.) Walter W. Price, II, U. S. Navy, USS Tatnall (DDG-19)

    Somewhere in the Mediterranean a destroyer, her bridge structure well-...

  • Notebook

    Military Personnel to Study Minority Group Cultures

    (Charles Mount in the Chicago Tribune, 3 March 1971)

    An in-depth study program[*] of black and Chicano (...

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