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United States Naval Institute

Golden Life Members

Listed below are all members of the U. S. Naval Institute who, on or before 1 January 1971, completed fifty or more years of...



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  • Golden Life Member Listing

    United States Naval Institute

    Golden Life Members

    Listed below are all members of the U. S. Naval Institute who, on or before 1 January 1971, completed fifty or more years of membership. These Golden Life Members, and all who join...

  • The Only Option?
    By George E. Lowe

    Prize Essay 1971


    The Administration’s public words and international actions of late suggest that President Nixon perceives the “blue water option” to be an attractive...

  • The Frustration Factor
    By Cdr. F. B. Shemanski, USN

    The subjects of inadequate pay, poor housing or none, long and frequent deployments, family separations, poor medical care, inadequate bachelor housing, crowded, inadequate commissaries, and the low opinion, held by the civilian sector, of the...

  • Ships at Sea: Maritime Facts of Life
    By W. R. Nichols, Jr.

    The sea and ships at sea have certain fundamental characteristics. The facts are few and simple. Their meaning is profound. Although the facts may appear evident to all, their meaning and application are understood by few. As a result of a...

  • Command Leadership and the Black Serviceman
    By Hon. L. Howard Bennett, Capt. Robert E Hunt, USNDirector for Civil Rights

    One of the most interesting social achievements in the United States has been the experience of the military services in achieving a high measure of integration in the Armed Forces.

    An historical overview of the presence of people of...

  • From Cockpit to Conn
    By Captain Robert F. Hunt, U. S. Navy

    There are several points of similarity common to the senior aviator’s first deep draft command and his previous squadron commands. They are, for example, about the same size in the numbers of men, although there are somewhat fewer officers...

  • Early Russian Shipboard Aviation
    By R. D. Layman and Boris V. Drashpil

    Russia’s first attempt to employ an air weapon dates back to 1812, when Tsar Alexander I employed a German engineer-aeronaut named Leppig to construct a dirigible balloon for use against the invading French armies. This fish-shaped craft,...

  • Pictorial Naval and Maritime Prize Photography, 1971
  • The Old Navy: Banana Boats and Blockade Runners
    By Commander John D. Alden, U. S. Navy (Ret.)

    In 1950, a U. S. submarine was in Miami on a “leave and recreation” visit. A short distance down the waterfront lay a small white freighter unloading bananas. A young officer from the submarine casually watched as the stevedores...

  • Comment and Discussion

    “The Career Officer as Existential Hero”

    (See D. G. Deininger, pp. 18-22, November 1970 PROCEEDINGS)

    Captain W. T. Holmes, U. S. Navy—A dispassionate side-by-side...

  • Book Reviews and Book List

    Arms Beyond Doubt

    Ralph E. Lapp, New York: Cowles, 1970. 210 pp. $5.95.

    Reviewed by Captain Clarence O. Fiske, U. S. Navy

  • Professional Notes

    U. S. Navy: Where Are You?

    By Lieutenant Commander Preston E. Beck, U. S. Navy (Retired), Member, Space Shuttle Task Group, Cape Kennedy, Florida

    The first trip around the moon by man in Apollo 8, and the manned...

  • Notebook

    Contracts Awarded by Navy for 12 Nuclear Submarines

    (The Wall Street Journal, 11 January 1971)

    The Navy launched its new high-speed attack submarine program by awarding construction totaling $760.6 million to...

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