Proceedings Magazine - February 1971 Vol. 97/2/816

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The Soviet Navy has come of age. What was essentially a coastal defense force of obsolescent and short-legged ships less than 15 years ago has been transformed into a well-balanced fleet of modern...



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  • The Blue Water Soviet Naval Officer
    By Captain Sumner Shapiro, U.S. Navy

    The Soviet Navy has come of age. What was essentially a coastal defense force of obsolescent and short-legged ships less than 15 years ago has been transformed into a well-balanced fleet of modern submarines, surface ships, and aircraft ranging...

  • Modernization of the Midway
    By Capt. James E. Kaune, USN

    The attack aircraft carrier Midway (CVA-41) was recommissioned on 31 January 1970, and delivered on 15 June 1970, having undergone the most comprehensive modernization ever undertaken by the Navy, she became the largest and most modern carrier in...

  • The Silent Vote
    By Lt. (j.g.) F. G. Dengler, USN

    For a Navy gravely concerned over a declining retention rate among its junior officers, every extension of service is a welcome vote of confidence and every separation counted as a silent rejection of a system that seems not to hear too well the...

  • Ocean Surveillance: New Weapon of Naval Warfare
    By Capt. Frank B. Murphy, USN (Ret.)

    The art and science of naval warfare have always faithfully mirrored man’s technological development. The evolution of sails, gunpowder, steam, and steel made great changes in the way nations controlled the seas. In our day, aviation,...

  • Navy Medicine: A New Prescription
    By Cdr. Peter A. Flynn, MC, USN

    The U. S. Navy Medical Corps now begins its second century as a formal staff corps. It is a proud history with many notable achievements past and present. At this milestone, however, the Medical Corps faces two problems which will mar its future...

  • Amelia Earhart's Final Flight
    By Francis X. Holbrook

    The 33-year-old trail is cold now, but still the literary bloodhounds, baying loudly, strain to pick up the scent. Yet, even if the mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance were finally to be unraveled, the riddle within-the-riddle...

  • Pictorial—R/ V Hero: Assignment Antarctic
    by William R. Curtsinger
  • The Old Navy: A Seaman For All Seasons
    By Lieutenant Alexander G. Monroe, U. S. Naval Reserve

    Lieutenant Colonel John Marshall Gamble was the only Marine Corps Officer ever to command a commissioned ship of the line in the U. S. Navy. Though there is little information extant concerning his early life and times, the New York...

  • Comment and Discussion

    The Military Mind

    Lieutenant Commander Robert G. Partlow, U. S. Navy—There is an increasing difficulty in attracting potential career personnel, particularly officers, and there is an increasing reluctance...

  • Book Reviews and Book List

    Book Reviews

    Bathymetric Navigation and Charting

    Philip M. Cohen. Annapolis: U. S. Naval Institute, 1970. 157 pp. Illus.

    Reviewed by Commander Scott E. Drummond, Jr., U....

  • Professional Notes and Notebook

    Operations of the Rude and the Heck

    By Raymond Wilcove, Chief of Public Information, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce

    Sixty-five years...

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