Proceedings Magazine - January 1971 Vol. 97/1/815

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Prior to September 1910—when the Navy Department appointed an officer to keep abreast of world aviation developments—the U. S. Navy had manifested little interest...



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  • Naval Aviation: The Beginning
    By Thomas Ray

    Prior to September 1910—when the Navy Department appointed an officer to keep abreast of world aviation developments—the U. S. Navy had manifested little interest in aviation except to send token representation to...

  • Vital Interests and Volunteer Forces
    By Lt. Leon Preston Brooks, USN

    The U. S. Navy may be doomed to disappointment in a recruiting program that calls for volunteers to continue a proud heritage—the defense of freedom. For who, among today’s youth, wants to volunteer to fight and perhaps die for a...

  • Shipboard Habitability: Restricted Areas
    By Cdr. Melville]. Byington, Jr., USN

    One officer commented on the habitability of U. S. Navy ships:

  • Tomorrow's Warships: Their Cost and Value
    By Vice Adm. B. B. Schofield, RN (Ret.)

    The question of whether to modernize obsolescent ships is one which constantly confronts naval planners. It is not easy to define obsolescence, since a ship may not carry all the latest equipment but still may be capable of useful service. The...

  • Battle Management for Strategic Weapons Systems
    By Col. Ralph L Giddings, Jr., USA (Ret.)

    There are those who feel that the Sea-based Anti-Ballistic Missile Intercept System SABMIS and Nike-X are complementary, not competitive; and that a ballistic missile defense (BMD) composed of SABMIS, Nike-X, and perhaps an airborne missile...

  • Two-Two-Twelve-Three: the Brand-new Ball Game
    By Capt. Sigmund Bajak, USNR

    The 2-2-12-3 Program—two attack carrier wings, two carrier ASW groups, 12 patrol squadrons, and three transport squadrons—entails a dramatic reorganization of the entire Naval Air Reserve.

  • Pictorial—Naval Air Reconnaissance
    Compiled by Cdr. James E. Wise, Jr., USN

    Exactly 58 years ago the entire aviation element of the U. S. Navy arrived at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to commence its first operations with the Fleet. The assignment included aerial scouting missions and exercises in spotting mines and...

  • The Old Navy: Remember the Rochester
    By Captain Gordon F. Ogilvie, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired)

    An article in the San Diego Union about the old USS Rochester (CA-2) brought yesterday crowding in on me. As a 17-year-old Marine private, fresh out of Norfolk’s Sea School, I went aboard the “Rocky” for duty in 1930...

  • Comment and Discussion

    “VSTOL: New Force for the Amphibious Task Force”

    (See H. C. Boschen, Jr., pp. 46-51, July 1970 PROCEEDINGS)

  • Book Reviews and Book List

    Book Reviews

    Admiral of the Fleet

    Richard Hough. New York: MacMillan, 1970. 393 pp. Illus. $8.95.

    Reviewed by Vice Admiral B. B. Schofield, Royal Navy (Retired)

  • Professional Notes and Notebook

    LNS Zeltin—Maintenance and Repair Ship for Libya

    By John Rix, Managing Director, Vosper Thorneycroft Group

    Since 1962, Libya has been forming a navy for her seaborne defense. As is the case of other...

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