A Doctrine for Limited War

By Cdr. Roy Beavers, USN
October 1970
As the Vietnam War moves to an uncertain conclusion, it is evident that the nation has undertaken an extensive re-examination of many heretofore unquestioned assumptions that have governed America’s foreign ...

1960: A Vintage Year for Submariners

By Richard Boyle
October 1970
Historians of the future may well regard 1960 as an epochal year. For the “Year of the Polaris” was much more; it involved several other submarine accomplishments of great significance. ...

The Other Revolution

By R. P. Holubouricz
October 1970
When we speak of a “revolution” in the transportation industry, our minds automatically turn to containerization and what it has done in the transportation of general cargo. An equally significant ...

Vice Admiral Chuichi Hara: Unforgettable Foe

By Cdr. D. Bartlett, USNR (Ret.)
October 1970
Rear Admiral Calvin T. Durgin, whose last wartime command had been Commander Escort Carriers Four off Okinawa, was the officer in charge of the Strategic Bomb Survey that inspected Truk ...

The Helicopter: Hazardous at Any Height?

By Lt. W. H. Baker, U. S. Navy
October 1970
The Marines being transported into combat have an excellent chance of surviving the most vicious fire fight on the ground, but almost no chance of surviving if their helicopter is ...

The Fine Line at the Naval Academy

By Vice Adm. James Calvert, USN
October 1970
The contest between professionalism and academic effort figured heavily in the founding of the school and has been evident in its affairs ever since. The present Superintendent intends to see ...

Comment and Discussion

October 1970
Against All Enemies”(See R. J. Hanks, pp. 22-29, March; pp. 97-101, June; pp. 89-96, July; and p. 95, August 1970 PROCEEDINGS)Lieutenant R. S. Cloward, U. S. Navy—Captain Hanks’s ...

Book Reviews and Book List

October 1970
The Commodores: The U. S. Navy in the Age of SailLeonard F. Guttridge and Jay D. Smith. New York: Harper & Row, 1969. 340 pp. Illus. $7.95.Reviewed by ...

Professional Notes and Notebook

October 1970
The DLGN-38 Is BornBy Commander James K. Nunneley, U. S. Navy, Acting Assistant for Ship Design, Naval Ship Engineering CenterA major milestone in the Navy’s escort replacement program was ...

An Anglo-American in the War of 1812

By Christopher Lloyd
October 1970
The War of 1812 figures more largely in American than in British history because it was during that conflict that the U. S. Navy came of age. Ignorance about it ...

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