By Frank Uhlig, Jr., Editor
May 1970
Early last year the Board of Control of the U. S. Naval Institute decided that the Naval Review would be substituted for one of the regular issues of the Proceedings.

Biographies of Authors

May 1970
Problems and Developments in Arctic Alaskan Transportation J. W. Moreau Captain, U. S. Coast Guard Captain Moreau was a member of the Department of Transportation’s Polar Transportation Requirements Study group ...

Naval and Maritime Events, July 1968–December 1969

Compiled and prepared by Lieutenant D. L. Strole, U. S. Navy, and Lieutenant W. E. Dutcher, U. S. Naval Reserve
May 1970
July 1968 1 The nation’s third Naval Training Center was commissioned at Orlando, Florida. Principal speaker was Hon. Charles F. Baird, Under Secretary of the Navy. It will supplement the ...
A PBR, downstream from Saigon, heads for home at the end of her patrol.

River Patrol Relearned

By Commander S. A. Swarztrauber, U. S. Navy
May 1970
We certainly have learned one thing: not having a river patrol force is no guarantee that we will not have to fight a river war.

The United States Effective Control Fleet

By Lieutenant Junior Grade Sidney W. Emery, Jr., U. S. Navy
May 1970
Shipping is an international industry, a business dominated by world geography, yet uniquely unencumbered by national boundaries. Commercial ships are designed not only to sustain the forces of the waters ...

The Indian Ocean as Seen By an Indian

By Captain A. P. S. Bindra, Indian Navy
May 1970
In February 1968, the British government announced the intention to withdraw its forces from the Indian Ocean: “We shall accelerate the withdrawal of our forces from Malaysia and Singapore and ...

Civil Engineers, Seabees, and Bases in Vietnam

By Captain Charles J. Merdinger, Civil Engineer Corps, U. S. Navy
May 1970
Unplanned, unwanted, undeclared, and unpopular, the Vietnam War in most American eyes just happened. And few people were quite sure how it had happened. The newspapers from time to time ...

Doctors and Dentists, Nurses and Corpsmen in Vietnam

By Commander F. O. McClendon, Jr., Medical Service Corps, U. S. Navy
May 1970
During the past five years much has been said and written about Vietnam by both political and military persons. But little has been published describing the health care and medical ...

Marine Corps Operations in Vietnam, 1968

By Edwin H. Simmons, Brigadier General, U. S. Marine Corps
May 1970
Third in a series of accounts, by General Simmons, of the Marine Corps in action in Vietnam, this article picks up the narrative from last year’s Naval Review at Christmas ...

Defense Report

By Melvin R. Laird, Secretary of Defense
May 1970
Statement of Secretary of Defense Melvin R. Laird Before the Senate Committee on Armed Services Amendments to the FY 1969 Supplemental and FY 1970 Defense Budget March 19, 1969 Mr ...

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