By Rear Adm. Worth H. Bagley, USN
February 1970
The events of the past three weeks have caused shock and disbelief. Despite a consciousness that the continuing presence of U. S. forces in South Vietnam could lead to a ...

Small Boys and Whirly Birds

By Capt. D. P. Ryan, RCN (Ret.)
February 1970
Destroyermen, pay attention; this article is for you. Others may read provided they are prepared to be provoked. It concerns antisubmarine warfare, but no time will be wasted either on ...

Image of Command

By Lieutenant Commander Steven H. Edwards, U. S. Navy
February 1970
"On the sea there is a tradition older even than the tradition of the country itself . . . It is the tradition that with responsibility goes authority and with ...

Arms Control, No Simple Answers

By Col. Ralph L Giddings, jr., USA
February 1970
In an age when, rightly or wrongly, many see the specter of nuclear annihilation lurking behind every military action, however trivial, arms control has become an inescapable fact of political ...

An American Oceanic Doctrine

By Robert McClintock
February 1970
Millions of television viewers around the world must have seen above the head of President Richard M. Nixon, as he was sworn into office on 20 January 1969, three allegorical ...

My Eagle-eyed, Stout-hearted Crocks

By Maj. W. Geoffrey Moore, 0.B.E., D.S.C.
February 1970
At the amphibious operations in Sicily and Italy, some Allied aircraft were destroyed by our own naval guns. As the Normandy invasion approached, General Dwight D. Eisenhower saw a danger ...

The Objective Was a Volunteer Army

By Maj. John Alger, AUS (Ret.)
February 1970
In 1946, the U. S. armed forces were receiving the full blast of the anti-military criticism that has followed the ending of every American war. In response to the clamor ...


Photography by Robert deGast
February 1970
In the nuclear and space age, squaresails still belly to the wind, wooden blocks still creak, halyards slap against tall masts and the quarterdeck is an honest location. For many ...

Captain Jeremiah O'Brien and the Machias Liberty

By Lieutenant Commander M. D. Giambattista, U. S. Navy
February 1970
Captain Jeremiah O’Brien and a crew of 35 colonial “haymakers” in 1775 presented and won the first challenge by the fledgling American navy to the colossal naval power of Great ...

Comment and Discussion

February 1970
“Effective Writing, Navy or Civilian” (See C. Blair, pp. 131-134, July; and p. 110, December 1968; pp. 116-117, February; pp. 113-114, April; and pp. 105-106, July 1969 PROCEEDINGS) Commander Roger ...

Book Reviews and Book List

February 1970
This html article is produced from an uncorrected text file through optical character recognition. Prior to 1940 articles all text has been corrected, but from 1940 to the present most ...

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