The Vulnerable Homelands

By Cdr. Paul H. Backus, USN (Ret.)
December 1970
During the past decade, as ICBMs and strategic aircraft have proliferated and have been dispersed throughout the Soviet Union and the United States, an increasing portion of the land masses ...

"Nothing to Report" A Day on the Vam Co Tay

By Commander Richard L. Schreadley, U. S. Navy
December 1970
Moc Hoa. The northernmost "Giant Slingshot” advance tactical support base on the Vam Co Tay River, a short five miles from the Cambodian border.The helicopter pad was on the left ...

The Service Force in Action

By Capt. Daniel M. Karcher, USN (Ret.)
December 1970
In the continuing controversy over the future of carrier aviation a recurring theme is the great mobility of the carrier, her ability to move several hundred miles a day and ...

Safer, Saner Seaways

By J. H. Beattie
December 1970
About a hundred years ago, the introduction of steam propulsion made it possible for steamships to navigate on direct routes from point to point, particularly in clear weather, and this ...

A Soviet Carrier on the Horizon

By Cdr. T. G. Martin, USN
December 1970
It appears inevitable that the Russians, once innovators of naval aviation but, lately, merely witnesses to the carrier’s hot and cold war potential, will themselves take air power to sea ...

Me and My Dam Neck

By Rear Adm, Philip D. Gallery, USN (Ret.)
December 1970
In November 1941, as a lieutenant serving as Executive Officer of the USS Clark (DD-361) in the Pacific, I received dispatch orders: YOU WILL REPORT TO THE COMMANDANT FIFTH NAVAL ...

Pictorial—The French Navy: 1870-1890

By by Henri Le Masson
December 1970
“. . . there is no country where more ingenuity and audacity have been displayed in the designing of warships.”H. W. Wilson, Ironclads in ActionA hundred years ago France was ...

Kunjali: The Great Hereditary Admiral of Calicut

By Lieutenant Commander J. M. Windas, U. S. Naval Reserve
December 1970
For a naval organization and hierarchy unique in the annals of history, we can take a brief look at the wealthy and powerful kingdom of Calicut, on the Malabar coast ...

Comment and Discussion

December 1970
Against All Enemies” (See R. J. Hanks, pp. 22-29, March; pp. 97-101, June; pp. 89-96, July; pp. 95-96, August; and p. 85, October 1970 PROCEEDINGS) Chief Disbursing Clerk James ...

Book Reviews and Book List

December 1970
Military LawEdward M. Byrne, Annapolis, Md.: U. S. Naval Institute, 1970. 396 pp. $7.50.Reviewed by Lieutenant Robert D. Wooton, Judge Advocate General Corps, U. S. Naval Reserve(Lieutenant ...

Professional Notes and Notebook

December 1970
Beans and Bullets For Sea LordsBy Lieutenant Commander Robert C. Powers, U. S. Navy, Former Logistics Plans and Requirements Officer, Staff, U. S. Naval Forces, VietnamOn 2 November 1968, ...

Beans and Bullets for Sea Lords

By Lieutenant Commander Robert C. Powers, U.S. Navy, Former Logistics Plans and Requirements Officer, Staff, U. S. Naval Forces, Vietnam
December 1970
On 2 November 1968, U. S. Navy river patrol boats (PBR) moved to Rach Gia, a small coastal town on the Gulf of Thailand, about 120 miles southwest of Saigon. ...

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