Sea Lords

By Commander Richard L. Schreadley
August 1970
U. S. Navy In the fall of 1968, more than 38,000 officers and men had been assigned to U. S. Naval Forces Vietnam. The three principal task forces- TF-115 (Market ...

Battle: No Longer the Pay-off?

By Stefan T. Possony
August 1970
Generations of military men found it true: Battle was the harsh, unequivocal arbiter of war’s outcome, with vindication for the victor, acquiesence [ sic ] by the loser. Yet, in ...

India’s Russian Navy

By Lieutenant Commander R. Kaul, Indian Navy (Retired)
August 1970
The prospect of the West one day finding India on “the other side" should be a chilling thought—a turn of events that the West should make strenuous efforts to avoid. ...

TACRON Eleven: "T" as in "Terrible"

By Lt. Charles R. Parsley, USN
August 1970
I could hardly believe my ears. Yours truly, one of the Navy’s great chopper-jockeys, was getting a chance to show the tigers how it’s really done. BuPers and my beloved ...

Naval Warfare Specialists

By Capt. Charles R. Bowling, USN
August 1970
In a relatively short time, the Navy will become smaller in size and, technically speaking, more sophisticated, at a rate limited only by the amount of new construction. The resulting ...

Across the Top

By Lt. Virgil R. Keith, USCG
August 1970
The ship was on a collision course with the target. From my vantage point, I estimated we were making 10 knots. The span of blue water separating us from the ...

And the Walls Came Tumblin’ Down

By JOC G5arles K. Ferguson, USN
August 1970
Washingtonians, enduring their first winter of World War I, watched the erection of the three-story-tall walls of the Navy Department’s “emergency office buildings” on what had been a lovely park ...

Pictorial — Naval Air Development Center

Photography by Robert D. Moeser
August 1970
Pennsylvania’s Bucks County, about 20 miles north of Philadelphia, is the location of the Navy’s principal laboratory for the development of naval air systems—the Naval Air Development Center (NADC). Numbering ...

Torpedo on the Starboard Beam

By Commander Charles F. Pick, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve (Ret.)
August 1970
Commander Jack Pohl, the ship’s navigator, and I were standing on the navigation bridge, looking down on an august assembly. The group was dominated by a figure in a wheelchair ...

Comment and Discussion

August 1970
“ Against All Enemies” (See R. J. Hanks, pp. 22-29, March; pp. 97-101, June; pp. 89-96, July; and p. 95, August 1970 PROCEEDINGS) John Kenneth Galbraith, Harvard University—In his prize ...

Book Reviews and Book List

August 1970
Aircraft Carriers Norman Polmar. New York: Doubleday, 1969. 788 pp. Illus. $17.95. Reviewed by Clark G. Reynolds (Author of The Fast Carriers: The Forging of an Air Navy, Dr. Reynolds ...

Professional Notes and Notebook

August 1970
Air Assault John R. Galvin. New York: Hawthorne, 1969. 365 pp. Illus. $8.95. Beginning with innovators of parachute and glider war, the book covers World War II, Korea and Vietnam ...

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