After Vietnam

By Captain Ralph E. Williams, Jr., SC, U. S. Navy (Retired)
April 1970
Prize Essay 1970, First Honorable Mention The first photograph of a successful U. S. intercept of an ICBM—a finely-scribed "X" marks the spot—was taken over the ocean where, common sense ...

Seapower in the Seventies

By Capt. IV J. Rube, USN, (Ret.)
April 1970
“Sea power in the broad sense, includes not only the military strength afloat that rules the sea or any part of it by force of arms, but also the peaceful ...

The Universities; Trial By Fire

By Col. Baylor Gibson, USMC
April 1970
For large private universities, 1970 may well prove to be a critical juncture. Will they continue to grow in quality and importance in our system of higher education, or will ...

The NFO and Squadron Command

By Lt. Cdr. Peter T Smith, USN
April 1970
In his many years of service with naval aviation, the Naval Flight Officer and his prototypes—Navigator/Bombardier/Observer—have looked without hope to attain the status of Squadron Commander. Now, at last, there ...

A Submarine for the Tsar

By Capt. Franklin G. Babbitt, USN
April 1970
The proof of the borscht is in the sipping and, as historians survey today’s Soviet silent service—350 post-World War II submarines, of which 70 are nuclear-powered—they might agree that a ...


By Howard R. Simpson
April 1970
Algeria, 1962, is a classic example of runaway terrorism. Passers-by were no longer startled to see a dead European in an Algiers doorway or a dead Moslem in the street ...

Resurgent Rotterdam

By Lt. Gerard M. W. Acda, RNN
April 1970
Hitler’s Third Reich all but obliterated Rotterdam in May 1940; Germany’s subsequent partition ushered in an era of unprecedented progress, prosperity, and pre-eminence, for this great port city. For more ...

The Empress Sought a Navy

By Captain George E. Gelm, U. S. Navy (Retired)
April 1970
It was in October 1908, when I was gunnery officer attached to the battleship Wisconsin (BB-9) that the Fourth Division of the Armored Cruiser Squadron, under Rear Admiral Seaton Schroeder ...

Comment and Discussion

April 1970
For the Reserves: A Workable System Commander H. C. Boschen, Jr., U. S. Navy—Let us suppose that during a national emergency, such as the Cuban Crisis, we had the requirement ...

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