Proceedings Magazine - November 1970 Vol. 96/11/813


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  • The Career Officer as Existential Hero
    By Lt, WO David G. Deininger, USN

    “Civilization is a race...

  • An Overview of the Defense Budget
    By Vice Adm. Eli T. Reich, USN

    Reading the Congressional Record during the current session has been a searing experience. Many highly critical and vehement speeches have been made by very important members from both sides of the aisle. These men were obviously determined...

  • One Support Ship for Inner and Outer Space
    By William H. Kumm

    The United States is committed to an ambitious program of space exploration with manned and unmanned spacecraft. Similarly, the nation is considering a significant effort in undersea exploration. Both activities require surface support...

  • Delta Med: "A Fitting Memorial"
    By Lt. Cdr. F. M. Burkle, Jr., MC, USNR

    Seven miles south of the Demilitarized Zone...

  • Rathbun’s Raid on Nassau
    By Frank H. Rathbun

    Arrived at Dartmouth some time last week the sloop Providence, John...

  • The Soviet Union’s Far-flung Nets
    By Russell Oetting

    From its offices in Moscow, V/O Sudoimport, the sole import and export representative of the Soviet shipbuilding and engineering industries, deals daily with firms and agencies in more than 40 countries, some the largest and most modern shipyards...

  • Pictorial—Soviet Fishing Fleet: Designed to Sweep the Seas
    Photography and text by Russell Oetting

    There is rapidly mounting evidence that no country, certainly no government, is making the kind of determined effort that has resulted in elevating the Soviet Union among the leaders of international fishing.

    This facet of Soviet seapower...

  • Commodore Lawrence Kearny, the Diplomatic Seaman
    By Captain Robert J. Hanks, U. S. Navy

    The U. S. frigate Constellation, wearing the broad command pennant of Commodore Lawrence Kearny, slipped out of the harbor of Macao and pointed her slender bowsprit up river. Leaving the Bocca Tigris astern, she threaded her way through...

  • Comment and Discussion

    Against All Enemies”

    (See R. J. Hanks, pp. 22-29, March; pp. 97-101, June; pp. 89-96, July; pp. 95-96, August; and p. 85, October 1970 PROCEEDINGS)

  • Book Reviews and Book List

    Complete Nautical Astronomer

    Charles H. Cotter, New York: American Elsevier Publishing Co., 1969. 336 pp. Illus. $11.75

    Reviewed by Captain Henry H. Shufeldt U. S. Naval Reserve (Retired)

  • Professional Notes and Notebook

    A Perspective On Sea-Based VTOL

    By Wynn W. Whidden, U. S. Navy, U. S. Navy, Navy Carrier Study, Nuclear Powered Carrier Program, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

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