Proceedings Magazine - June 1970 Vol. 96/6/808

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Prize Essay 1970


Translating NATO strategy into dynamic policies which will support the interests of both the United States and NATO...



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  • Red Star Over the Southern Sea
    By Capt. Paul R. Schratz, USN (Ret.)

    Prize Essay 1970


    Translating NATO strategy into dynamic policies which will support the interests of both the United States and NATO becomes doubly difficult—and the more...

  • Peary and the North Pole: The Lingering Doubt
    By Dennis Rawlins

    A generation jaded by astronauts walking in space and vowing to walk on the moon took little note when four men riding gasoline-powered Snowmobiles arrived at the North Pole at 4 p.m. on 19 April 1968. The expedition’s...

  • L. S. O.
    By Gail Borden

    Everyone is familiar with the Landing Signal Officer (LSO) of World War II and Korea. Along with the tailhook, he was the symbol of carrier aviation: “He stood on his precarious flight deck perch with just the ‘paddles’ he used...

  • The Near West
    By Cdr. Harry IV. Bergbauer, Jr., USN

    In the wake of the unsatisfactory state of the war in Vietnam, there is a renewed isolationist spirit in the land. This spirit is a natural political phenomenon in the United States. What makes it now of more than normal concern is the...

  • Unidentified Floating Objects
    By Frank O. Braynard

    Not so long ago, V. Wickman, a steamship historian from...

  • Counter-Guerilla Operations
    By Howard R. Simpson

    From the clash of Roman Legions with the...

  • A Wetter, Better NROTC
    By Lt. Cdr. James IV. Corey,Jr., USN

    Most NROTC activities—the chief quartermaster timing the midshipman during navigation instruction is one example—are too big for any classroom. They should become part of a “school of the ship” curriculum; for, where can...

  • The Naval Postgraduate School: Sixty Years Young
    By Rear Admiral Robert W. McNitt, U. S. Navy

    When the Navy's first in-house graduate program began at Annapolis in 1909 with ten officer students, the future of the School of Marine Engineering, as it was then called, was uncertain although the need for advanced education in marine...

  • Pictorial—PG School
    Photography by Ted Jorgenson

    PG School

  • The Sixth Vixen
    By David Jester, Jr.


  • Comment and Discussion

    “Against All Enemies”

    (See R. J. Hanks, pp. 22-29, March 1970 PROCEEDINGS)

  • Book Reviews and Book List


    Weyer's Flottentaschenbuch,1969/1970

    Gerhard Albrecht (ed.). Munich: J. F. Lehmanns, 1970. 468 pp. Illus. About $15.00.

    Flottes de Combat, 1970...

  • Professional Notes and Notebook

    The Minesweeping/Fishing Vessel

    By Howard A. Chatterton, Ship Concept Design Division, U. S. Naval Ship Engineering Center

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