Proceedings Magazine - March 1970 Vol. 96/3/805


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  • Against All Enemies
    By Capt. Robert J. Hank, USN

    “For it’s Tommy this an’ Tommy that, an...

  • Arms for the Love of Allah
    By Wynfred Joshua

    How did the Soviet Union achieve such inroads in the Middle East which by virtue of its cultural and religious heritage should be sharply opposed to the extension of Communist influence? How did the Soviets win the image as the savior of the Arab...

  • The Navy and the Merchant Marine: Critical Coalition
    By Lt. Cdrs. John TV Aber, Jr., and Paul W. Garber, USNR

    Since its beginning, the U. S. Navy has been responsible for the protection of U. S....

  • Combat Readiness Training
    By Lt. Col. J. B. Kusewitt, USA (Rel.) and Cdr. W. A. Speer, SC, USN (Ret.)

    A 14-month study, which had been conducted for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air), was completed in the summer of 1968. The study had investigated whether the Navy’s Combat Readiness Training (CRT) Program was cost effective and, if...

  • Deep Freeze Diary, 1968
    By Commander James S. McNeely, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    "BUPERS ORDERS ... CDR JAMES S. MC NEELY ... DIRDET ... AS CO ANTARCTICSUPPACT DET ALFA ..." Me! The Bureau of Personnel had ordered me to duty in Antarctica as Commanding Officer of the wintering-over detachment. Great!

  • The Road To Wisdom
    By Ens. Richard L Berkman, USNR

    “The Road to wisdom?—well, it’s plain and simple to express:
    and err
    and err again
    but less
    and less
    and less.”
    Piet Hein

  • ASW vs. AAW: A Question of Direction
    By Lt. Cdr. I. D. C. Pearson, RN

    In the good old days the only way to wage war at sea was by a surface...

  • Pictorial—Salute to a Queen
    Photography by Barrett Gallagher Text by Frank O. Braynard

    Salute to a Queen

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  • The Mystery of the L-8
    By Irwin Ross

    On a calm but overcast Sunday in August 1942, two experienced officers took off on an antisubmarine patrol flight in the U. S. Navy blimp, L-8. They left the small advance base on Treasure Island, California, in the dim, early hours,...

  • Comment and Discussion

    “Aftermath of the Elath

    (See R. D. Colvin, pp. 60-67, October 1969 PROCEEDINGS)

  • Book Reviews and Book List

    Paullin’s History of Naval Administration 1773-1911

    By Charles Oscar Paullin, Annapolis, Md.: U. S. Naval Institute, 1968, 485 pp. $8.50.

    Reviewed by Professor Theodore Ropp


  • Professional Notes, Notebook and Progress

    The Missile-armed Fast Patrol Boat

    By Lieutenant Commander Henry J. Lenton, Royal Navy Reserve (Retired), Editor, Naval Record

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