The Attack Carrier - Mobile Might

By Commander Albert H. Vito, Jr., U.S. Navy
May 1961
Mobile, flexible and versatile-these are the words that Navy proponents apply to the modern attack aircraft carrier. Obsolete, vulnerable and exorbitantly expensive are adjectives that are applied on occasions by ...

When Airpower Rode on Paddle Wheels

By Commander John D. Alden, U. S. Navy
May 1961
Black smoke poured from four funnels and paddles thrashed the harbor waters to a froth as a huge steamer backed and filled crabwise into her berth. Below decks grimy stokers ...

The Grumman A2F-1 Intruder

By Senior Chief Journalist Joseph E. Oglesby, U. S. Navy
May 1961
Every new airplane is bound to upset the status quo in one or more respects, else progress would not be made. Possibly the most unique aspect of the new A2F-1 ...

Book Reviews and Book List

May 1961
This html article is produced from an uncorrected text file through optical character recognition. Prior to 1940 articles all text has been corrected, but from 1940 to the present most ...

The Name Enterprise

By Harry B. Hahn
May 1961
The first Enterprise was a 70-ton sloop which originally belonged to the British and cruised on Lake Champlain to supply their posts in Canada. After the capture of Fort Ticonderoga ...
USS Vermont and H-boat

The Navy Spreads Its Golden Wings

By Vice Admiral Gerald F. Bogan, U.S. Navy (Retired)
May 1961
In 1912, the entire Naval Air Arm was based on the Severn River near the Engineering Experiment Station. It consisted of a few hydroplanes. Occasionally, at the Naval Academy, wide-eyed ...

Marine Corps Aviation

By Lieutenant Colonel Marshall R. Tutton, U. S. Marine Corps
May 1961
Fifty years ago the Marine Corps was searching, as it is today, for new weapons and techniques which would increase its combat capability as a military force-in-readiness. The new weapon ...

Those Wonderful Naval Aviators

By Captain David Nash, U.S. Navy
May 1961
In 1938, when I was being actively recruited for aviation duty by my flying shipmates in USS Nashville, I was led to believe that there was something special about aviators ...

Student Aviators and Naval Aviation

By Ensign David D. Sullivan, U. S. Navy
May 1961
Watch a flight of Navy carrier planes sweep across the sky, and notice how heads turn to follow them. Among civilians and non-flying naval officers, the usual reaction is "Why ...

Interplanetary Navigation

By Lieutenant Commander R. B. Robinson, U. S. Navy
May 1961
With the advent of "fellow-travelers" about the sun and their portent of things to come, it is appropriate that we who have long looked to the heavenly bodies to find ...

The Future of the Seaplane

By Lieutenant D. P. Kirchner, U. S. Navy
May 1961
Among those interested in seaplanes there is a growing feeling of frustration and defeat. Seaplanes, which not so long ago were very important factors in long range transport and patrol ...

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