The Navy's War Against Japan: A Strategic Analysis

By Professor E. B. Potter, U. S. Naval Academy
August 1950
In order to visualize clearly the major strategic problems confronting the con­testants in the recent naval war in the Pacific, we must study the conflict objec­tively in terms of the ...

Spain - No Military Weakling

By Lieutenant (J.G.) William J. Freitas, U. S. Navy
August 1950
Spain today occupies an anomalous position in world affairs. If a third world war were to break out that nation would be of the utmost strategic and military importance to ...

National Strategy and the Merchant Marine

By Commander George D. Synon, U. S. Coast Guard
August 1950
Most persons who have given it any thought regard a strong Merchant Marine to be indispensable to the security of the United States. This premise has been fundamental to American ...

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