An aerial right side view of four F8F-1 Bearcat fighter aircraft in formation over Corpus Christi's water front area.

The Blue Angels

By Boone T. Guyton
April 1950
About midway through the Cleveland Air Races in 1946 an event placed somewhat inconspicuously on the program was dutifully announced over the public address system. The man said that a ...

The "Ifs" of Pearl Harbor

By Rear Admiral Logan Ramsey, U. S. Navy (Retired)
April 1950
Even a superficial study of the vast verbiage dealing with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor indicates that the far greater portion of its volume is devoted to a search ...

Professional Notes

April 1950
UNITED STATES Atomic Powered SubmarineNew York Times, Feb. 21.—America’s defense chiefs today were reported pushing plans for development of the world’s first atom-powered submarine—a project that might revolutionize naval warfare.Theoretically, ...

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