Proceedings Magazine - March 1950 Vol. 76/3/565


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  • Will We Need A Navy To Win?
    By Captain Ernest M. Eller, U. S. Navy
  • Political Limitations of Air Power
    By Lieutenant Colonel W. R. Kintner, U. S. Army
  • Too Much Accuracy
    By Rear Admiral Richard G. Voge, U. S. Navy (deceased)
  • The Navy Has No Foreman's Problem
    By Commander Joseph L. Miller, U. S. Naval Reserve (Inactive)
  • Isthmian Interlude
    By Lieutenant Commander Henry Salomon, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve (Inactive)
  • Berlin Airlift Proved Unification Can Work
    By Brendan P. Mulready, JOG, U. S. Naval Reserve
  • Queen's Navy At War
    By Vice Admiral G. W. Stove, Royal Netherlands Navy (Rel.)
  • Aerial Survey of Southeastern Alaska, 1948
    By Commander Thomas F. Pollack, U. S. Navy
  • Ocean Shipping and Control
    By Commander Peter R. Lackner, U. S. Navy
  • Japanes View of their Philippine Invasion (Pictorial)
  • Discussions, Comments and Notes
  • Book Reviews
  • Professional Notes
  • Photographs & Illustrations


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