Proceedings Magazine - January 1950 Vol. 76/1/563


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  • Operation "Sea Lion"
    By Vice Admiral Kurt Assmann of the former German Navy. Translated by Captain Roland E. Krause, U. S. Navy
  • Naval Terminology Today Two Point Five
    By Chief Quartermaster William James Miller, U. S. Navy
  • Our Dilemma in Japan
    By Martin E. Holbrook
  • Operation Destiny
    By Lieutenant Commander William D. Lanier, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve
  • The Soviet Military Press
    By Commander C. P. Lemieux, U. S. Naval Reserve (Inactive)
  • Eventually, A House
    By Captain K. C. McIntosh, (SC) U. S. Navy, Retired
  • A Plan For Naval Shore Patrols
    By Lieutenant (JG) Bruce B. Dunning, U. S. Navy
  • Why Educate A Naval Officer?
    By Assistant Professor William Prendergast, U. S. Naval Academy
  • Sesquicentennial of the Coast Guard Ensign
    By Kensil Bell

    One hundred and fifty years ago, on August 1, 1799, the design of the forerunner of the present-day United States Coast Guard ensign was specified in a directive from Secretary of the Treasury Oliver Wolcott. The Service was then rounding out its...

  • The Strongest Memory is Weaker Than The Palest Ink
    By Captain Ralph C. Parker, U. S. Navy, Retired
  • Nelson and Saumarez
    By Lieutenant Harrison P. Martin, U. S. Naval Reserve (Inactive)
  • Contacts with the Hero of Manila Bay
    By Captain J. M. Ellicott, U. S. Navy (Retired)
  • The James Forrestal Fellowships in the Naval History
    By Commander E. B. Potter, U. S. Naval Reserve (Inactive)
  • The Coast Guard In Northern Waters (Pictorial)
  • Discussions, Comments and Notes
  • Book Reviews
  • Professional Notes
  • Photographs & Illustrations


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