The Story of a Small Boy

By Lieutenant Comma/der Ralph P. Dillon, U. S. Naval Reserve (Inactive')
July 1948
“The poor little thing swam around the pond all by himself because he was so ugly none of the other ducklings would have anything to do with him." The time ...

The Versatile Windmills

By Lieutenant Commander Malcolm W. Cagle, U. S. Navy
July 1948
The helicopter is the only aircraft re­cently innovated whose utilitarian significance exceeds its military significance. Fundamentally a non-military plane, it nevertheless possesses many useful and spectacular military adaptations. It will ...

Wherein Lies Our Strength?

By H. H. Holly
July 1948
"‘We’re warnin’ them never to start it again. For we’ve got a country with millions of men, Like Nimitz and Halsey and me.” Having just emerged from the greatest war ...

Impressions of Nelson

By Admiral John Arbuthnot Fisher, R.N., and Professor Arthur J. Marder
July 1948
IMPRESSIONS OF NELSON By ADMIRAL JOHN ARBUTHNOT FISHER, R.N. (Compiled from the private papers of the late Lord Fisher, famous British Admiral and First Sea Lord, by Professor Arthur J. ...

Truk: A Tourist Attraction

By Commander John D. Pillsbury, U. S. Naval Reserve
July 1948
Truk today is the Navy’s “tourist” attraction in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. The commanding officer’s “guest book” contains the names of news correspondents and photographers, magazine writers, ...

One Last Look

By Captain I. E. McMillian, U. S. Navy
July 1948
While engaged in the annual fleet maneuvers to the westward of Hawaii, in the spring of 1935, the U.S.S. S-27, one of our small submarines, was assigned to a patrol ...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

July 1948
DISCUSSIONS, COMMENTS, NOTES Camouflage of Wakes Contributed by Lieutenant Commander Charles N. Cutter, U.S. Naval Reserve—We attempted to bring the squids method of camouflage to the Navy. First, a study ...

Book Reviews

July 1948
Members of the Institute, both regular and associate, may save money by ordering books through its Book Department, which will supply any obtainable book. A discount of 10 per cent ...

Professional Notes

July 1948
This html article is produced from an uncorrected text file through optical character recognition. Prior to 1940 articles all text has been corrected, but from 1940 to the present most ...

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