Tin Can Gold Rush

By Lieutenant Commander Sheldon Kinney, U. S. Navy
February 1948
TIN CAN GOLD RUSHBy LIEUTENANT COMMANDER SHELDON KINNEY, U. S. Navy“The Polish Stale has refused the peaceful settlement of relations which I desired, and has appealed to arms. Germans in ...

Japan's Homeland Aerial Defense

By Bertram Vogel
February 1948
During the early summer of 1928, Japan’s officials, keenly militaristic and critically aware of the road their country was shortly to take, staged a huge mock air raid against the ...

The Navy's Stake In The Future

By Major Guy Richards, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve
February 1948
Two unhappy years of peace have brought full shares of confusion to civilians, statesmen, and members of the military and naval professions. Perhaps more than any other years in history, ...

The Korean Expedition of 1871

By K. Jack Bauer
February 1948
We read much about the current American intervention in Korea, but little has been written about our first intervention there seventy-six years ago. This interests us today not only as ...

The Legal Specialist

By Lieutenant Howard A. Patrick (SDO), U. S. Navy
February 1948
Reformation the various branches of the military is a natural aftermath of a war of any duration. None is more drastic and progressive than that proposed for the naval judicial ...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

February 1948
DISCUSSIONS, COMMENTS, NOTESPathfinder of the SeasLieutenant Commander G. Rawson, Royal Australian Navy.—The big ships are back on their seasonal North Atlantic tracks again. Right through the fall and winter Atlantic ...

Book Reviews

February 1948
Book ReviewsMembers of the Institute, both regular and associate, may save money by ordering books through its Book Department, which will supply any obtainable book. A discount of 10 per ...

Notes on International Affairs

February 1948
Aid for Europe Voted.—Congress on Dec. 15 completed passage of the measure authorizing emergency aid for Europe. The authorization granted the full $597,000,000 called for by the Administration, but in ...

Professional Notes

February 1948
To December 24, 1947United States......240No Air Force Academy—New Panama Canal—Supplies for Pacific Island Natives—Retain Bases in Japan—Fewer BB—Icebreakers—Navy Cuts Opposed—Various NotesGreat Britain......247Manpower—Submarine Submerged—Arctic Weather Stations—Fleet NotesFrance......249Naval PoliciesOther Countries......249China—Denmark—Italy—NetherlandsAviation......251F9F—Albatross—XB-47—Metal Glider—Pulse Jet ...

The Marine Corps in 1948

By General Alexander A. Vandegrift, U. S. Marine Corps
February 1948
As the Pacific war recedes into history, together with many of us who waged it, the time seems appropriate for an appraisal of the Marine Corps as it now stands. ...

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