Proceedings Magazine - August 1948 Vol. 74/8/546

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One would have to display that well known characteristic of the ostrich— burying his head—not to recognize that much uncertainty and confusion in thought exist among members of...



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  • A Suggested Guide for Amateur Military Critics and Prophets
    By Captain Whittaker F. Riggs, Jr., U. S. Navy

    One would have to display that well known characteristic of the ostrich— burying his head—not to recognize that much uncertainty and confusion in thought exist among members of the Armed Services today. This condition is not...

  • U.S.S. Oregon: Pathfinder
    By William O. Foss

    Victorious in the greatest race of her day was the U.S.S. Oregon, “first rate” battleship of the Spanish-American War.

    From San Francisco to Jupiter Inlet, Florida, via the Straits of...

  • The Effect of Combat Commendation Upon Retirement
    By Lieutenant Howard A. Patrick, SDO, U. S. Navy

    This html article is produced from an uncorrected text file through optical character recognition. Prior to 1940 articles all text has been corrected, but from 1940 to the present most still remain uncorrected....

  • Pay and Prize Money in the Old Navy, 1776-1899
    By Lieutenant Commander Robert W. Daly, U. S. Coast Guard Reserve


    U. S. Coast Guard Reserve

  • Assignment in Japan
    By Lieutenant Commander Henry Salomon, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve



  • Gunfire Support Lessons Learned in World War II
    By Commander I. E. McMillian, U. S. Navy
  • Naval Contributions to Aeronautical Science, 1908-1913
    By Mary C. Welborn

    High on the list of contributions made by the Navy to the development of aviation was its insistence, at the very beginning, on the use of scientific methods in designing airplanes. The introduction of aerodynamic principles almost...

  • Carrier War in the Atlantic
    By Lieutenant Commander John L. Blackman, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve

    You don’t read much in the papers about the “carrier war” in the Atlantic. Yet it was in the Atlantic that, we believe, our carrier-based Squadron contributed its best effort to the final victory over Germany and Japan....

  • The Frigate Constellation Puts to Sea
    By Captain Lucius C. Dunn, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    The observance of the 150th Anniversary of launching the frigate Constellation, at Baltimore, brings to focus some interesting details in the fitting-out and preparation for sea of that celebrated old...

  • Sonar and Asdic, Anti-submarine Sisters
    By Maurice Prendergast

    It is interesting to compare the genesis of Sonar, the U.S. Navy’s sound-ranging instrument for the detection of hostile submarines, with Asdic, the British instrument developed for the same purpose. In...

  • The U. S. Marine Corps in World War II (Pictorial)
  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    Discussions, Comments, Notes

    The Navy Helps Them Feed Themselves

    Contributed by Captain T. W. Davison, U. S. Navy.—“Save Wheat and Meat” is a slogan of the day. Your Navy is furthering this national program...

  • Book Reviews

    ONE TWO THREE . . . INFINITY: Facts and Speculations of Science. By George Gamow. New York: The Viking Press. 1947. 340 pages, 8 plates-f 128 line drawings. $4.75.

    Reviewed by Senior Professor...

  • Professional Notes

    Through 18 June 1948


    Adm. King Proves Need for Carriers

    N. Y. Times, June 6.—The decisive Battle of Midway, in which the Japanese lost four airplane...

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