Proceedings Magazine - April 1948 Vol. 74/4/542


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  • Security by Enactment
    By Lieutenant Commander Charles Moran, U. S. Naval Reserve (Retired)


  • Japan's Wartime Hocus-Pocus
    By Bertram Vogel

    The sullen little prisoner of war suppressed a sudden grin, changed his mind, and then, for the first time since he had been captured on Iwo Jima by the Fourth Marine Division, broke out into hearty laughter....

  • Flame Throwing Seabees
    By Colonel George F. Unmacht (CWS) U. S. Army

    Much has been written about the variety of duties performed by Seabees, but an account of their service has never been told in connection with the pioneering development, actual manufacture and actual use...

  • Pipe Line Politics
    By Lawrence A. Marsden

    Buried six feet under good U. S. topsoil lies half of Uncle Sam’s tanker fleet. Never seagoing, this portion of the fleet consists of the Big Inch and the Little Big Inch War Emergency Pipe Lines running...

  • Learning at the Naval Academy - The Academic Departments and System of Instruction
    By Senior Professor Earl W. Thomson, U. S. Naval Academy

    Contrary to the opinion of the newspapers, the registrar, the dean of admissions, the alumni, and the coach of the football team, the real worth of any educational institution still is evaluated in terms of its academic departments and its...

  • United States Place Names Honoring the Navy
    By Associate Professor Ellery H. Clark, Jr.

    Within the past fifty years, and particularly within the last two decades, the United States has become conscious of...

  • In the Wake of Invasion
    By Lieutenant Commander William M. Heywood, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve (Inactive)

    Tribute has been paid to the heroic salvage personnel whose hard-earned success at Pearl Harbor was so conducive to our later avenging that fateful Sunday morning of December 7, 1941. Great credit was reflected on the men who surmounted...

  • The Menace of Shintoism
    By James R. Young

    In the heart of “centripetal Mikadoism” where “no place under all the Heavens, and no subject along all the shores but is ruled by Our August Sovereign,” I have been an eyewitness...

  • Our Marine Industries at the Crossroads
    By H. H. Holly

    War is the hardest of teachers. Its lessons should, therefore, be doubly heeded.

    Of all the lessons to be learned from the recent conflict, two stand out as guides which must govern our present and future policies: first, the world...

  • Whistle Argument: Analysis and Plan
    By Captain Raymond F. Farwell, U. S. Naval Reserve

    When the delegates who represent the United States at the forthcoming Safety at Sea Conference go to London this spring they will probably advocate a number of important changes in the International Regulations for the Prevention of...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes


    Naval Logistics

    (See pages 127, February 1947 Proceedings; 273, March 1947 Proceedings; 401, April 1947 Proceedings; 671, June 1947 Proceedings; and 1106, September 1947 Proceedings.)

  • Book Reviews

    Book Reviews

    Members of the Institute, both regular and associate, may save money by ordering books through its Book Department, which will supply any obtainable book. A discount of 10 per cent is allowed on books published by the...

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  • Professional Notes

    This html article is produced from an uncorrected text file through optical character recognition. Prior to 1940 articles all text has been corrected, but from 1940 to the present most still remain uncorrected....

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