Medical Pioneering In The Marshalls

By Commander Anselm C. Ho/in, (M.C.), U. S. Navy, and Lieutenant Frank S. Ashburn, (M.G.), U. S. Navy
September 1944
The setting.—The military occupation of strategic atolls of the Marshall group provided the newspapers with headlines in the early months of 1944. Strategical lessons provided by the earlier campaigns in ...

Technologic Warfare

By Captain Wendell P. Roop, U. S. Navy
September 1944
IWar is the means of international coercion, the channel through which national wishes seek expres­sion when the means of accommodation have been exhausted. Regardless of its formal re­nunciation as an ...

Night Raid On Vila

By Foster Hailey
September 1944
A fter the great night surface battles of/A November, the heavier units of the -L A. Japanese fleet were withdrawn from the Solomons, those that were still floating, and the ...

The Beach Patrol and a Great Tradition

By John W. McCain, Jr., B.M.1/c, U. S. Coast Guard Reserve
September 1944
Under the Act approved January 28, 1915, the Coast Guard is now a part of the Navy. Autonomous in its personnel, the Coast Guard is responsive to naval command in ...

The Swedish Navy

By Captain John A. Gade, U. S. Naval Reserve
September 1944
“Hard reality around us has made it clear to one and all that national defense is a question of life and death for a country.”—From a speech by Foreign Minister ...

A Practical Approach To The Pacific Problem

By Captain Burrell C. Allen, U. S. Navy (Retired)
September 1944
Whatever we may consider the rela­tive importance of the Atlantic and Pacific basins to our future peace and prosperity, the gravity of the problem Posed by the shrinking Pacific is ...

The Saga Of The Scharnhorst

By Walton L. Robinson
September 1944
The day was October 3, 1936. The scene was Germany’s great Wilhelmshaven Navy Yard. The occasion was a not­able one in the annals of the German Fleet. Chief dignitary present ...

Book Reviews

September 1944
the WAR: FOURTH YEAR. By Edgar Mclnnis. With an Introduction by Vis­count Wavell. New York: Oxford Uni­versity Press. 1944. 409 pages. $2.50.Reviewed by Professor Allan WestcoxtThis is the ...

Notes on International Affairs

September 1944
INTER-ALLIED CONFERENCESParley on World Peace Plans.—The twice postponed meeting of United States, British, Soviet, and Chinese representatives to discuss a world peace organization was finally set to open on August ...

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