Japanese Naval Strategy

By Dr. Stefan T. Possony, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey
May 1944
Japanese thinking and particularly Japa­nese naval strategy have recently come into the limelight of attention. Two pioneering studies by Mr. Alexander Kiralfy have attempted-to outline the specific con­cepts and doctrines ...

The Link Celestial Navigation Trainer

By Lieutenant Douglas B. Whiting, U. S. Naval Reserve
May 1944
The crew of a patrol plane faced a sit­uation that many such crews had faced before and many would face again— they were lost at sea and their gas supply ...

A Reserve Looks at the Navy

By Lieutenant Dan O. Root, U. S. Naval Reserve
May 1944
The career of being a regular naval officer is a profession, just as truly as is the career of being a physician, a surgeon, an engineer, or an attorney. And ...

The Beginning of Pearl Harbor

By David Kanakeawe Richards
May 1944
July, 1909 to December 7, 1941 Introduction It’s been two years since that fateful Sunday morning when war at last made the full circle of the world and wrought a ...

Effect of Daylight Saving Time on the War Effort

By Rear Admiral Felix Gygax, U. S. Navy
May 1944
Daylight saving time affects the interests and lives of individuals and communities in a number of ways. Popular reaction is largely dependent on in­dividual and local circumstances—the nature of one’s ...

A Field Decontamination Station

By Major Robert D. Heinl, Jr., U. S. Marine Corps
May 1944
Since so much of the Navy now oper­ates ashore in advance bases, the con­ditions and location of which render necessary the most thoroughgoing measures of combat-security, many new situations lave ...

Industrial War Power

By Commander J. C. Ten Eyck, U. S. Naval Reserve
May 1944
Victory in modern warfare will come most surely and quickly when domi­nance on the fields of combat in all the arms of triphibious warfare, land, air, and sea, has been ...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

May 1944
Recruit to Man-O’-War’s Man (See page 1561, December, 1943, Proceedings) Lieutenant Commander Matthew Radom, U. S. Naval Reserve.—In a recent mail, I received a letter from a reader of the ...

Book Reviews

May 1944
The International Law of the Sea . By A. P. Higgins and C. J. Colombos. New York: Longmans, Green & Co., Inc. 1943. 647 pages. $12.50. Reviewed by Commander W. ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U.S. Naval Academy
May 1944
Secretary Hull on Foreign Policy.— In an address over the radio on April 9, Secretary of State Hull responded in some Measure to the very general call for a more ...

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