Proceedings Magazine - March 1944 Vol. 70/3/493


  • Early Aids to Navigation at the Mouth of the Mississippi River
    By Samuel Wilson, Jr., BM 1c, U. S. Coast Guard Reserve

    It was the practice of the early French explorers of the Mississippi to set up crosses on the bank of the river, sometimes engraved with the arms of the King, as a symbol of the establishment of French sovereignty over the lands of the valley....

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  • A Geopolitics for America (Prize Essay, 1944)
    By Lieutenant William H. Hessler, U. S. Naval Reserve

    “It is later than you think.”

  • California's Little Known Channel Islands
    By Lieutenant Commander Stanley A. Wheeler, U. S. Naval Reserve

    Pictured on a chart of the coast of Southern California, the Channel Is­lands suggest deliberate formation rather than the geological phenomenon which sent ancient mountain tops piercing up through the blue sea. Like units of a powerful fleet...

  • Foreign Languages at the Naval Academy
    By Captain Harley Cope, U. S. Navy

    To further the liberal education of midshipmen and to provide the Naval service with officer transla­tors and interpreters,” is the prescribed mission of the Department of Foreign Lan­guages at the Naval Academy.

  • The Netherlands Navy Fights On
    By Walton L. Robinson

    At dawn of May 10, 1940, the German attack on Holland was loosed in all its fury. After live days of bitter fighting, the Dutch Army, terribly outnum­bered, had to lay down its arms. But those five days gave the Government and part of the...

  • Hongkong--British Naval Station and Imperial Outpost
    By James K. Eyre, Jr.

    Toward the end of December, 1942, not many days after Japan’s initial acts of treachery against the territories of the United Nations, the tiny island of Hongkong fell to the Japanese invaders who had launched their assault from the Chinese...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    Star Altitude and Azimuth Tables, or Tables of Computed Star Altitudes and Azimuths

    By Captain Radler de Aquino, Brazil­ian Navy.—It is curious to observe that the first sets of tables giving altitude and azi­muth alongside...

  • Book Reviews

    One Hundred And Seventy-Five Battles, By Land, Sea And Air —From Marathon To The Marne And After. By Roger Shaw, edited by S. C. Vestal. Harris­burg: The Military Service Publishing Company. 268 pages...

  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U.S. Naval Academy

    America and the War

  • Professional Notes
  • Photographs & Illustrations


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