Proceedings Magazine - October 1943 Vol. 69/10/488

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Everyone knows that the first part of June, 1942, represented one of the crucial periods of the war in the Pacific. At that time, our Japanese enemy attempted what seemed to be a pincers movement...



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  • Alaska and the Aleutians: Cockpit of the North Pacific
    By James K. Eyre, Jr.

    Everyone knows that the first part of June, 1942, represented one of the crucial periods of the war in the Pacific. At that time, our Japanese enemy attempted what seemed to be a pincers movement aimed primarily at the western coast of the United...

  • Some Ship-Handling Doctrines for Converted Yachtsmen
    By Lieutenant A. G. Cooke, U. S. Naval Reserve

    Ship handling is one of the major skills which goes to make up the ancient art of seamanship. It is the unique privilege of the seaman, skill in it is his greatest pride. Its exercise is subject to the most constant scrutiny by lynx-eyed...

  • "Play Ball, Navy!"
    By Captain Harley Cope, U. S. Navy

    When the Allied forces in the Mediterranean launched heavy attacks on Algiers and Oran on November 8, 1942, with a three-pronged assault on Casablanca, they caught the Axis absolutely flat-footed. It was the culmination of the most beautifully...

  • Colonial Administration By United States Naval Officers
    By Professor Earl S. Pomeroy

    Chance figured considerably in the determination of the colonial responsibilities of American naval officers. Administration of the Philippines and Puerto Rico through the Navy Department of the United States would have been at least as logical...

  • Blimps Blast Subs
    By R. G. Picinich, Jr.

    Along shadowy bulk somewhat resembling a shark was visible below the surface of the Atlantic. It was a shark, yes, but not of the finny variety. It was a German shark bent on placing its torpedoes in the hulls of any United Nations vessels it...

  • Japanese Espionage, Foundation for War
    By Fred Henry

    A primary axiom in war is to know your enemy. The American people, as a whole, are dangerously ill-informed regarding the strength of one of our enemies. . . .

    Those are the words of one of the best informed men on matters pertaining to...

  • Integrated War Effort
    By Lieutenant Colonel Howard N. Kenyon, U. S. Marine Corps

    The purpose of this discussion is to present a definite idea in the matter of a greater degree of unity in the war effort of the armed services. This topic is discussed much by the younger officers but generally very guardedly. The fundamental...

  • A Simple Method of Supply for Small Ships
    By Captain Tucker C. Gibbs (S.C.), U. S. Navy (Retired)

    The numerous small craft operating from ports and bases in every coastal area have created a new and interesting problem in provision supply. The number of such ships operating from a given base often runs into the hundreds; some of them carry a...

  • Recreational Development at Pearl Harbor
    By Charles M. Hatcher, ACMM, U. S. Navy

    All work and no play would make Jack Tar a dull boy. All fighting and no playing would eventually produce a boom in psychiatric cases. American sailors are rugged. They take hardships as well as they dish out punishment to our enemies. But in...

  • Book Reviews


    By Gordon Carpenter O’Gara.

    Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1943. 138 pages. $1.50.

  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U.S. Naval Academy


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