Proceedings Magazine - September 1943 Vol. 69/9/487

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“Non Sum Qualis Eram”


TWO OR THREE years ago, when the writer of this was an apprentice at his civilian trade of newspaper reporting, as he...



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  • The Junior Naval Reserve Officer and Military Command
    By Lieutenant (J.G.) Lemoine Skinner, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve

    “Non Sum Qualis Eram”


    TWO OR THREE years ago, when the writer of this was an apprentice at his civilian trade of newspaper reporting, as he is now an apprentice line officer of the Naval...

  • The Soldier's Relation to Foreign Policy
    By First Lieutenant Riley Sunderland (F.A.), A. U. S.

    Not to meddle in things political has long been the traditional, healthy attitude of soldiers in the English-speaking world, but for his country’s sake, and for the sake of his professional reputation, the soldier should not let that...

  • Johnston Island
    By Homer C. Votaw

    Ask the average citizen what he knows about Johnston Island and he will probably stare blankly, or at best cautiously venture that it is one of our smaller possessions “somewhere in the Pacific.” A few may even recall that it was...

  • Nanking
    By Commander J. M. Sheehan, U. S. Navy

    NANKING is the name by which Kiangning the chief city in the province of Kiangsi has been known for several centuries. The city . . is surrounded by a wall 18 miles around and 30 feet thick at its base . . . from 50 to 70 feet in height, with six...

  • The Navy's History Program
    By Captain Dudley W. Knox, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    The current revival of interest in naval history is a natural accompaniment of this greatest of all wars. Participants in the conflict instinctively compare it with similar epochs of the past, and they have every right to expect that events of...

  • Those Not-So-Little Ships—The DE's
    By Lieutenant Ashley Halsey, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve

    A NUMBER of nice people in a drawing room got into conversation recently on the subject of the Navy and the anti-submarine campaign. One remarked: "Oh, it must be terrible on those tiny little escort vessels, the new ones." Others...

  • American Shipping in the Post-War Era
    By Lieutenant Commander Arthur M. Tode, U. S. Naval Reserve (Retired)

    POST-WAR planning for the future of American sea power with special reference to the Merchant Marine has, for some time, occupied the attention of responsible officials in Washington as well as leaders of the maritime industry. The importance of...

  • Small Boat Experience
    By Herbert Telsey, Quartermaster 2c, U. S. Naval Reserve

    IT WOULD be interesting to know how many times the phrase “small boat experience” has been pronounced in recruiting offices, district headquarters, and other high places since the beginning of the present emergency.

  • A New Diagram for a Universal Small-Area Plotting Sheet
    By Lieutenant Commander J. L. Walsh, U. S. Naval Reserve

    THERE ARE in current use a number of types of printed small-area plotting sheets approximately like a Mercator plotting sheet, but described more accurately as based on the mid-latitude principle. These plotting sheets cover an interval of two or...

  • Navy Powder Goes on a Journey
    By Commander C. B. Judge, U. S. Naval Reserve


  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    Motion Picture Training Films in the Navy

    (See page 933, July, 1943, Proceedings)

  • Book Reviews


    By Critchell Rimington. Completely revised and enlarged.

    New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. New 1943 edition. 314 pages; 340 photographs and drawings. $4.50...

  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U.S. Naval Academy


  • Professional Notes
  • Photographs


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