By Captain A. T. Beauregard, U. S. Navy
March 1941
AMONG THE Spaniards under Pinzon, who in 1500 had discovered the mouth of the Amazon River, was Juan Diaz de Solis. Upon his return to Spain from this expedition, Solis ...

The Commander in Chief

By Lieutenant Commander Arnold E. True, U. S. Navy
March 1941
IntroductionWITH THE present and projected naval building programs, it is possible that the United States Fleet will soon be the largest and most powerful in the world. While Britain is ...

The Death of a Fleet

By Ensign J. B. Brown, U. S. Navy
March 1941
“An army is a crowd—a homogeneous crowd it is true, but retaining, despite its organization, some of the general characteristics of crowds; intense emotional suggestibility, obedience to leaders etc. These ...

Eating Through the Years

By Commander J. H. Skillman (S.C.), U. S. Navy
March 1941
The clatter of block and tackle, the shrill whine of the winds through taut rigging, the long corkscrew roll from a quartering sea, and down on deck some fifteen or ...

Sea Power and Roman Britain

By George W. Dyson
March 1941
THE CONVULSION of nature which separated the British Isles from the mainland of Europe determined, for all time, that sea power would exert a tremendous influence upon their history. It ...

American Short Stories of the Sea

By Professor Charles Lee Lewis, U. S. Naval Academy
March 1941
IN THE American short story, the sea holds as prominent a place as it does in English literature. Though the earliest of American sea novelists, James Fenimore Cooper, wrote no ...

Admirals as Diplomats

By Walter Scott Meriwether
March 1941
While the appointment of Admiral Leahy as Ambassador to France is an innovation in our diplomatic history, there was an occasion when another distinguished naval officer was selected for a ...

Damage Control School

By First Lieutenant R. D. Heinl, Jr., U. S. Marine Corps
March 1941
The problem of naval damage control is universal, fundamental, and susceptible of continuous attack in its theoretical and practical aspects. There are few if any functions afloat which would not ...

Swallowing the Anchor for Taxes

By Lieutenant Commander Wallace S. Wharton, U. S. Naval Reserve
March 1941
PASSAGE OF the Public Salary Act of 1939, granting states the right to tax the income of federal employees, and the Buck Resolution, which extends that power to exercise taxing ...

Book Reviews

March 1941
BOOK DEPARTMENTMembers of the Institute, both regular and associate, may save money by ordering books through its Book Department, which will supply any obtainable book. A discount of 10 per ...

Notes on International Affairs

Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U.S. Naval Academy
March 1941
FROM JANUARY 10 TO FEBRUARY 10 AMERICA AND THE WAR AID FOR BRITAIN —On February 9 the “Lease-Lend” bill or, to use its actual title, the bill “to further promote ...

Professional Notes

March 1941
UNITED STATESExpansion of Plant FacilitiesNavy Department Release, January 16. —The Navy Department announced that it had entered into contracts with the following companies for the expansion of plant facilities:New Process ...

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