The Influence of Democracy Upon Sea Power

By Alexander Kiralfy
June 1941
“Veni vidique" It Is the purpose of this essay to inquire into the background of the canvas to which Alfred Thayer Mahan applied his philosophic brush. That great thinker traced ...

"Old Ironsides" in Chancery

By William H. Davis
June 1941
When the U.S.S. Constitution sailed from the League Island Navy Yard at Philadelphia on February 28, 1878, no one aboard realized how eventful the cruise was to be. To be ...

The Truth of the Hampshire Affair

By Lieutenant H. S. Mazet, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve
June 1941
The Tragedy Which Took Lord Kitchener 25 Years Ago The Secretary of the Admiralty announces that the following telegram has been received from the Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Fleet at ...


By Rear Admiral A. T. Beauregard, U. S. Navy
June 1941
IN 1535 Almagro, one of Pizarro’s subordinates in Peru, set out with an expedition to explore the territory to the south, now known as Chile. Starting from the headquarters of ...

Navicert and Pericert

By Lieutenant Commander Frederick J. Nelson, U. S. Navy
June 1941
In an armed conflict between even great empires, there are always countries which desire to be genuinely neutral in order to pursue their peaceful endeavors undisturbed. One aim of international ...

The Aleutians—Their Strategic Importance

By W. L. Goldsborough
June 1941
“Pax vobiscum” The Aleutian chain of islands, constituting a part of the Territory of Alaska, projects some 1,100 miles from the extremity of the Alaskan peninsula, and comprises four groups ...

Rocket Airplanes?

By Willy Ley
June 1941
When, during the first days of the present war, Hitler made his well- known reference to a “secret weapon,” he started a world-wide guessing game which lasted for a considerable ...

Britannia Has a Family

By Donald Cowie
June 1941
The Roman Empire was very like the British, and fell. The collapse occurred when Rome itself was hard- pressed at the center and had to withdraw the protecting legions from ...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

June 1941
Modern Submarine vs. Major Warship (See page 513, April, 1941, Proceedings) Lieutenant Franklin G. Percival, U. S. Navy (Retired). —Lieutenant Willingham’s article is excellent and timely. The purpose here is ...

Book Reviews

June 1941
BOOK DEPARTMENT Members of the Institute, both regular and associate, may save money by ordering books through its Book Department, which will supply any obtainable book. A discount of 10 ...

Notes on International Affairs

June 1941
FROM APRIL 10 TO MAY 10 AMERICA AND THE WAR Bases in Greenland. —Though acting without the sanction of his government, Mr. Henrik Kauffmann, Danish Minister to Washington, on April ...

Professional Notes

June 1941
UNITED STATES Tank “Chasers” U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings New York Herald Tribune, April 20. — Major A. C. Wedemeyer, one of the Army’s foremost students of mechanized warfare, said ...

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