Proceedings Magazine - May 1941 Vol. 67/5/459

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Aviation has become a vital factor in modern warfare. To deny the truth of this statement would require shortsightedness of the highest order. The presumption that it is correct, combined with the...



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  • Let's Try a New Weapon
    By Lieutenant (J.G.) Franklin D. Buckley, U. S. Navy

    Aviation has become a vital factor in modern warfare. To deny the truth of this statement would require shortsightedness of the highest order. The presumption that it is correct, combined with the current state of clashing and near clashing...

  • A Beginner's Outline of Strategy and Tactics
    By Lieutenant Commander Ronald T. Strong, U. S. Naval Reserve

    “I have cull’d a garland of flowers,

    Mine only is the string that binds them.”

    The inquiring beginner in the study of strategy and tactics must struggle through long and tedious volumes until the whole...

  • Anti-Submarine Measures Old and New
    By Commander William A. Read, U. S. Naval Reserve

    UNRESTRICTED submarine attacks on merchant ships in the last war were responsible for the development of certain methods which, in combination, eventually reduced the losses of tonnage below the rate of new construction and finally...

  • Industrial Research and the Expanding Navy—An Estimate of the Situation
    By Lieutenant Winton Patnode, U. S. Naval Reserve

    INDUSTRY is being mobilized for the defense of the nation, and its immediate objective is the expansion of the Navy. What is the role of industrial research? The modern industrial research laboratory is the natural heir of centuries...

  • The Insurance Problem for the Naval Officer
    By Lieutenant M. W. Williamson, U. S. Navy

    EVERY naval officer has a life insurance problem and of that he becomes aware during his early career. How well and satisfactorily he solves this problem will determine his security and peace of mind for many ensuing years. Since...

  • Brazil
    By Rear Admiral A. T. Beauregard, U. S. Navy

    Vicente Yañez Pinzon, a Spaniard who had commanded one of Columbus’ ships during that explorer’s first voyage, cruised in January, 1500, in the region of the mouth of the Amazon, which he called the Marañon...

  • Historical Sketch of the Office of the Judge Advocate General, Navy Department
    By Henry P. Beers

    For some years before the establishment of the Office of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy, other officials performed legal duties for the Department of the Navy. Prior to the Civil War, Secretaries of the Navy had been obliged...

  • Prophet Blitzkrieg
    By Don Glassman

    To those who believe that the techniques and weapons of a destructive Blitzkrieg were first conceived by Hitler’s militarists and inventors, there is a rude awakening to be found in the drawings and comments from the pen of a forgotten...

  • Historic Ships of the Navy—Montauk
    By Robert W. Neeser

    The first Montauk was a single-turret ironclad of the third rate, built by contract during the Civil War. She was one of the vessels authorized by the Act of April 17, 1862. She was launched at the Continental Iron Works, Green-...

  • The Persistence of the Egyptian Factor in Mediterranean Strategy
    By Lieutenant Commander Charles Moran, U. S. Naval Reserve

    “J'ai manqué à ma fortune à Saint Jean d’Acre!”


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