Recent Trends in International Law

By Payson S. Wild, Jr.
January 1940
Law cannot exist without a sense of community. A desire to get on with one another and a feeling of self-­interest in the maintenance of a common society is essential ...

Ye Compleat Naval Officer

By Lieutenant Commander Alan McCracken, U. S. Navy
January 1940
Within recent decades we have seen a gradual fading of the old ideals of higher education, which, during such available time as might be seized be­tween football games and house ...

Merchant Marine Training

By Ensign C. L. Bisbee, U. S. Naval Reserve
January 1940
The 1938 naval training duty of the Pacific coast quota of the Merchant Marine Reserve, from the stand­point of the reservist at least, was a suc­cess. The first impression of ...

James Shedden Palmer

By Lieutenant Commander Charles Moran, U. S. Naval Reserve
January 1940
A Forgotten Protagonist of the Risorgimento I Still, tideless waters, enclosed to the west by the towering mass of Monte Pellegrino, to the east by the rocky promontory of Cape ...

An Organization for the Navy Department

By Rear Admiral J. K. Taussig, U. S. Navy
January 1940
The reorganization of the Navy De­partment has been a subject for dis­cussion ever since the World War demonstrated that the Department, as it then existed, was not adequately or prop­erly ...

The Morgan Purchases

By Richard S. West, Jr.
January 1940
Gideon Welles, Lincoln’s Secretary of the Navy, always leaned over backward to do what he thought was right. Honest to the very marrow of his being, he practiced his virtues ...

Ship's Orders—1815

By Lieutenant J. F. Goodwin, U. S. Navy
January 1940
Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, in the year 1815, Captain Wil­liam M. Crane, United States Navy, commanding officer of the U.S.S. Independ­ence, wrote a set of General Orders for his ...

Guam - Our Western Outpost

By Lieutenant Commander Frederick J. Nelson, U. S. Navy
January 1940
The island of Guam, until recently a remote dot in the western Pacific to most Americans, is now front page news. The 250 square miles of tropi­cal island with its ...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

January 1940
The Birth of the Dreadnought (See page 1097, August, 1939 , Proceedings) Dr. Ing. Wladimir V. Mendl, M.I.N.A. —Without any doubt the birth of the Dreadnought is due to the ...

Book Reviews

January 1940
Jane’s Fighting Ships , 1939. Ed­ited by Francis E. McMurtrie, A.I.N.A. London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., Ltd. November 16, 1939. 525. (2§ Guineas.) Reviewed by Graser Schornstheimer An uncensored ...

Notes on International Affairs

January 1940
Northern Europe War on Finland.—In most nations of the world, and particularly in those of the Western Hemisphere, the Soviet attack on Finland at the close of November was almost ...

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