Proceedings Magazine - November 1940 Vol. 66/11/453

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“Vinci Non Possum”

Few campaigns in the great parade of wars marching through history re­veal in clearer form the basic ele­ments of success,...



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  • Tenochtitlan - A Naval Classic
    By Lieutenant Commander Wallace S. Wharton, U. S. Naval Reserve

    “Vinci Non Possum”

    Few campaigns in the great parade of wars marching through history re­veal in clearer form the basic ele­ments of success, and the application of these elements, than the...

  • Mines of Long Ago
    By Carlos C. Hanks

    The Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung has published a description of the German magnetic mine now in use and explains how it operates. It admits that mines are being laid by submarines, as well as...

  • English Short Stories of the Sea
    By Professor Charles Lee Lewis, U. S. Naval Academy

    Extraordinary variety both in sub­ject matter and in style character­izes the short story of the sea as a type of nautical literature. All oceans and seas may be traversed in its pages. All kinds of ships sail its waters—sailing...

  • The Overtaking Situation
    By Lieutenant Commander Raymond F. Farwell, U. S. Naval Reserve Professor of Transportation, University of Washington

    An overtaking vessel is defined in the rules as a vessel which approaches another from a direction more than two points abaft her beam. Ar­ticle 24, identical in the International and Inland Rules, describes the overtaking sit­uation in...

  • The Patrol Plane and the Future
    By Lieutenant Commander A. B. Vosseller, U. S. Navy

    The enviable reputation of American Naval Aviation, so richly deserved after years of efficient operations, is probably based principally upon public interest in the rather spectacular phases of carrier aviation. Operating airplanes from a ship...

  • Our Lighter-Than-Air Policy
    By Lieutenant (j.g.) Francis X. Carmody, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    On a stormy evening in the spring of 1933, the Navy dirigible Akron crashed and was destroyed off the coast of New Jersey. With her to her wa­tery grave went not only 73 officers and men, who comprised the major portion of her crew, but also...

  • "Ten Minutes"
    By Lieutenant Commander Harry Manning, U. S. Naval Reserve

    So many mariners, and others, have asked me to tell of my "Ten Minutes," on the morning of June 11, 1940, that though to me the incident seems hardly worth repeating, I have decided to set it down for the Proceedings.

  • Midway—The North Pacific's Tiny Pet
    By Homer C. Votaw

    About 1,200 miles northwest of Honolulu lies Midway—western key to Hawaii, and focal point in America’s projected North Pacific defenses.

  • The Human Mechanism and the Submarine
    By Captain Ernest W. Brown (M.C.), U. S. Navy

    The submarine is one of the latest weapons of naval warfare and has evolved in the main only during the present century. Although recognized pre­viously as a factor in naval armament, it was not put to the test of war until the first World...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    A Tribute to Admiral Mahan as a Social Scientist

  • Book Reviews

    The United States Navy. By Merle Armitage. New York: Long­mans, Green and Co. 1940. 284 pages. $5.00.

    Reviewed by Captain H. A. Baldridge, U. S. Navy (Retired)

  • Notes on International Affairs

    Axis Developments

  • Professional Notes
  • Photographs


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