Proceedings Magazine - August 1940 Vol. 66/8/450

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The man on the street and his congressman have many things in common. One of these is a thorough misconception of their country’s experience with the subject of neutrality. It is said that...


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  • Inconsistent American Neutrality–160 Years Of It
    By Dr. Waldo Chamberlin
    The man on the street and his congressman have many things in common. One of these is a thorough misconception of their country’s experience with the subject of neutrality. It is said that we have jettisoned one of the oldest of our...
  • Possible Peace Terms—Present War
    By Vice Admiral William Ledyard Rodgers, U. S. Navy (Retired)
    (Author’s Note.This article was written before France collapsed. Now England is fighting alone for the ideals which this country also believes in. She needs all the help this country can give her. After her victory...
  • Battle Down the Hatch
    By Commander H. J. Wright, U. S. Navy
    “Give every man thine ear but few thy voice.”—Shakespeare

    At this time, when the apocalyptical horsemen are galloping madly over our battle-torn world, critical plans decisions must be made almost daily by the various...

  • A Survey of Atlantis
    By Captain Gilbert T. Rude, U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey

    Atlantis . . . the legendary continent of classical literature . . . the con­tinent of drowned valleys and sub­merged mountains . . . fires the imagination of dwellers on the real continents of today with the mystery of its vanished...

  • Reaching Back
    By Lieutenant (j.g.) L. W. Parrish, U. S. Navy

    As we go about the Naval Air Station in Pensacola the old walls remind us that they once surrounded the navy yard of another era. Other landmarks, legends, and facts have all served as links between the Navy of another day and of today, but there...

  • Battleships
    By Lieutenant Commander James E. Hamilton, U. S. Navy
    Looking back to the beginning of that naval era in which ships of steel and steam became standard, and looking ahead for a generation, one sees a total of only 71 battleships which have or might have carried or will carry the Stars and Stripes...
  • Locating Surface Ships with Bubble Octant
    By E. B. Collins

    The graceful clipper ships of the American air lines are now operating efficiently on regular scheduled air flights over all oceans of the world. To many Americans, it is a matter of national pride that within a very short time there has been...

  • The American Inventor of the Reflecting Quadrant
    By Commander H. D. McGuire, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    In the year 1704 there was born on a farm on the outskirts of Germantown, Pennsylvania, a boy who was destined to become one of the most interesting per­sonages in the colonial history of this coun­try. His father, a maltster by trade,...

  • Industrial Research
    By Lieutenant Charles L. Petze, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve

    On one side of the ledger, the entry:
    Industrial Research . . . $225,000,000

    On the other, the item:
    The Power to Create.

  • Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
    By Lieutenant Clinton S. Rounds, U. S. Navy

    Teaching an old dog new tricks” is the way a news man summed up the demonstration given by the old blimp J-4 off Manasquan Inlet last November. The J-4 is a nonrigid airship of the size used in the World War, and the so-called tricks were...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    The Influence of Scurvy upon Maritime History
    (See pages 330, March, and 917, June, 1940, Proceedings)

  • Book Reviews

    Blow All Ballast! The Story of the Squalus. By Nat A. Barrows. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company. 1940. 298 pages. $2.75. Reviewed by Commander J. O. Huse, U. S. Navy

  • Notes on International Affairs

    France Surrenders

  • Professional Notes
  • Photographs


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