Proceedings Magazine - June 1940 Vol. 66/6/448

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Sea power is both economic and mili­tary. It implies the use as well as the control of navigable waters. This use, however, is dependent upon factors often very remote from the sea and...



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  • Sea Power and Central Asia
    By Felix Howland

    Sea power is both economic and mili­tary. It implies the use as well as the control of navigable waters. This use, however, is dependent upon factors often very remote from the sea and frequently not in any way subject to the control of armed...

  • Performance of a Medieval Cannon
    Translated, by Professor William Popper, University of California, Berkeley, California

    From Ibn Taghri Birdi’s Chronicles of Egypt

  • Performance of Abu'l-Mahasin's Royal Cannon
    By Commander J. W. Roper, U. S. Navy

    Despite the pains taken by Abu’l-Mahasin to obtain his data for post­firing analysis, we are left without a number of items essential as a basis for calculations to verify the results which he found hard to believe himself. We can, of...

  • The Naval Side of the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39
    By William H. Davis

    First I shall give a very brief treat­ment of the situation in Spain dur­ing the few months prior to the outbreak of armed revolt. The last elections to the Spanish Cortes were marked by many charges of frauds in ballot counting and...

  • Fothering
    By Lieutenant Commander T. W. Sheridan, U. S. Naval Reserve

    Years ago, in one of the old American liners, bound west from Daunts Rock to Ambrose, we hove to in the choppy seas off the south coast of Ireland to aid a feeble fishing craft in distress. The boat had been punctured forward by striking a log...

  • Oslo Viking Ship Hall
    By Brockholst Livingston

    Interest in the preservation of our historic naval vessels focuses attention on what is being done along these lines in other countries. Outstanding among all the examples of ship preservation is perhaps Norway’s restoration and perpetua...

  • The Vikings
    By Vice Admiral W. L. Rodgers, U. S. Navy (Retired)
    From Naval Warfare under Oars, 4th to 16th Centuries

    Editor’s Note.—The following extracts from the latest book by Vice Admiral William Ledyard Rodgers, U. S. Navy (Retired), just published by the “U. S. Naval...

  • The Battle of Manila Bay
    By John T. McCutcheon and Thomas A. Bailey

    Editor’s Note—The author of this letter was correspondent of the Chicago Record in the Far East and was on the Olympia during the Battle of Manila Bay. The letter was written to Mr. Wil­liam R...

  • Incident in the Baltic
    By Lieutenant G. F. Schultz, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    The World War of 1914 had actually begun. After a fruitless, last-minute exchange of telegrams with Emperor Wilhelm, Tsar Nicholas II had decided to mobilize the vast forces of all the Russias in the defense of Serbia and Pan-Slavism. The Russian...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    Los Jardines (E.D.)
    (See page 520, April, 1940, Proceedings)

    Rear Admiral J. K. Taussig, U. S. Navy.—The paper by Captain Bryan in the April number of the Proceedings brings out in a most interesting way the Peculiar...

  • Book Reviews

    Naval Warfare Under Oars, 4th to 16th Centuries. By William Ledyard Rodgers, Vice Ad­miral, U. S. Navy (Retired). Annapo­lis: U. S. Naval Institute. 358 pp. $5.00. 1939.

    Reviewed by Robert G....

  • Notes on International Affairs

    War Extended

    Invasion of Low Countries.—On May 10 (the date when these Notes go to press) German forces invaded Belgium, Holland, and Luxemburg by land and air, and Italian forces were reported massed on the French frontier. In...

  • Professional Notes

    To April 30, 1940

    UNITED STATES New Micro-Balance

    Baltimore Sun, April 19.—Although American scientists have been cut off by the European war from the supply of high-precision instruments formerly imported from Germany, at...

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