Proceedings Magazine - April 1940 Vol. 66/4/446



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  • A Threat and an Opportunity (Prize Essay, 1940)
    By Lieutenant Franklin G. Percival, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    "There are no specifics in warfare."—Mahan

  • Modern Air and Marine Navigation
    By Lieutenant Commander P. V. H. Weems, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    Air navigation might be dated from the World War, at which time stren­uous efforts were made to produce suitable aviation maps, compasses, and drift indicators. Little use was made of celestial navigation before the 1927 Lind­bergh...

  • Historic Ships of the Navy: Powhatan
    By Robert W. Neeser

    The first Powhatan was a steam frig­ate of the first rate built by the government under authority of the Act of March 3, 1847. Her keel was laid on July 4, 1847, and she was launched at the Navy Yard, Norfolk, Virginia, on Febru­ary 14,...

  • The Royal Road Across the Pacific
    By Lieutenant D. E. Collins, U. S. Naval Reserve

    Richard Halliburton and Captain John Welch sailed out the Golden Gate September 28, 1938, on board the SS. President Coolidge. Approximately 6 months from that date they hoped to be sailing back through the Golden Gate aboard a Chinese junk...

  • The Hawaiian Navy and an International Incident
    By Rear Admiral A. Farenholt (M.C.), U. S. Navy (Retired)

    Small countries seldom have a navy of any great importance and still more rarely do such vessels rise to the prominence of being able to create an “in­cident” capable of affecting the comity of nations....

  • Los Jardines, (E.D.)
    By Captain G. S. Bryan, U. S. Navy

    For over 400 years navigational charts of the North Pacific Ocean have shown a small island in latitude 21° 0' N., longitude 151°-35' E., with the designation “Los Jardines, (E.D.),” the symbol “E.D.,...

  • The Battle of the Virginia Capes, 1781
    By Richmond Weed

    Every American schoolboy knows that Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown and that his surrender ended the American Revolution. Some of us may have been vaguely surprised that the end was so quick and so complete. Did the French and Americans have...

  • The Naval Career of James Fenimore Cooper
    By Louis H. Bolander
    No officer ever resigned from the United States Navy and won such a distinguished place for himself in American literature as James Fenimore Cooper.
  • Reminiscences of a Chechako
    By Captain Gilbert T. Rude, United States, Coast and Geodetic Survey

    For those of you who have not lived in Alaska, a “Chechako” is one who spends the summers in Alaska but winters in the States; on the other hand, one who also winters in the Territory is known as a “Sou’dough.” A...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    End of the Treasure Hunt
    (See pages 1235, September, 1934, and 380, March, 1937, Proceedings)

    Captain Stanford E. Moses, U. S. Navy (Retired).The following notes and comment refer to two articles by Lieu­...

  • Book Reviews

    The Cruise of the Raider Wolf. By Roy Alexander. New Haven: Yale University Press. 270 pages. 1939. $2.75.

    Reviewed by Lieutenant Commander Richard F. Armknecht (C.E.C.), U. S. Navy

  • Notes on International Affairs

    The Northern War

  • Professional Notes

    To February 29, 1940


    Dry Dock To Be Towed to Hawaii

    Chicago Tribune, February 25.—A huge steel dry dock, largest of its kind ever to go to sea, is to be...

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