Proceedings Magazine - March 1940 Vol. 66/3/445

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The Merchant Marine and National Defense

On May 28, 1864, Congress enacted a subvention law authorizing regular ocean mail...



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  • Ships for What?
    By Harlan Trott

    The Merchant Marine and National Defense

    On May 28, 1864, Congress enacted a subvention law authorizing regular ocean mail service between the United States and Brazil....

  • The Influence of Scurvy Upon Maritime History
    By Commander Louis H. Roddis (MC.), U. S. Navy

    It is the opinion of some of the most experienced officers that the block­ading system of warfare which an­nihilated the naval power of France could never have been carried on unless sea scurvy had been subdued.” Such was the...

  • Life in Samoa
    By Lieutenant H. W. Blakeslee, U. S. Navy
    In Samoa, the United States possesses one of the best harbors in the south seas. It is called Pago Pago (pro­nounced Pango Pango) after the little village at its head. It is approximately in the center of the island of Tutuila, which it...
  • How About the Naval Reserve?
    By Lieutenant Commander W. S. G. Davis, U. S. Navy

    The recent increase in general inter­est in the Naval Reserve has prompt­ed the proverbial myriad inquiries as to the requirements for eligibility. Thou­sands of letters and postcards were re­ceived in the Bureau of Navigation in...

  • Evolution and Introduction of Chain Cables
    By Robert Park MacHatton

    (1) General.—The origin of chain mak­ing is lost in the mists of prehistoric time. When the dawn of science and art was breaking, when the stone age still gripped most of mankind, when iron was unknown and the...

  • The Naval Communication Reserve
    By Lieutenant Hoyt S. Scott, U. S. Naval Reserve

    Rain! Rain! Rain—Rain!

    A continual downpour had caused the streams and tributaries of the Ohio River to reach an uncontrollable stage and a flood was inevitable. Towns and cities in Pennsylvania and the Ohio River Valley...

  • Island Bulwarks
    By Colonel Cary I. Crockett, Infantry, U. S. Army

    Enlargement of the army command on Puerto Rico to the status of a military department and the initia­tion of preliminary work on an air base at the capital city of San Juan tend to focus interest on this isolated portion of Ameri­can soil...

  • The Monitor-Merrimac Legend
    By Alan Cornwall Smith

    On the evening of Saturday, March 8, 1862, the wildest excitement pre­vailed in the principal cities of the United States. Washington was in a panic, with congressmen, senators, and all the heads of the government almost despairing of the...

  • The Young America
    By Charles Robert Patterson

    The extreme clipper ship Young America, perhaps the finest sailing ship ever built, was for more than a quarter of a century the pride of the American mercantile marine. Her arrival in port was sure...

  • Some Facts About Fisher and His Warships
    By Admiral Sir R. Bacon, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., D.S.O.

    In the August, 1939, number of the Proceedings of the Naval Institute, Lieutenant Franklin G. Percival, U. S. Navy (Retired), contributed an article titled “Fisher and His Warships.” The short summary of the career of Lord...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    Promotion Systems—Past, Present, and Future
    (See page 192, February, 1940, Proceedings)

    Rear Admiral J. K. Taussig, U. S. Navy.—Commander Dyer has written an interesting paper in which he makes a de­tailed...

  • Book Reviews

    The Rise of American Naval Power 1776-1918. By Harold and Margaret Sprout. Princeton: Prince­ton University Press. 398 pages. 1939. $3.75.

    Reviewed by Admiral William H. Standley, U. S....

  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U.S. Naval Academy

    America and the European War

  • Professional Notes
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