Proceedings Magazine - January 1940 Vol. 66/1/443

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“In everything which happens to thee keep before thy eyes those to whom the same things happened, and how they were vexed, and treated them as strange things, and found fault...



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  • The Effects of Meteorological Conditions on Tactical Operations at Jutland
    By Lieutenant Commander Arnold E. True, U. S. Navy

    “In everything which happens to thee keep before thy eyes those to whom the same things happened, and how they were vexed, and treated them as strange things, and found fault with them; and now where are they? Nowhere. Why then...

  • Recent Trends in International Law
    By Payson S. Wild, Jr.

    Law cannot exist without a sense of community. A desire to get on with one another and a feeling of self-­interest in the maintenance of a common society is essential for legal development. From 1648 to 1914 the western state sys­tem...

  • Ye Compleat Naval Officer
    By Lieutenant Commander Alan McCracken, U. S. Navy

    Within recent decades we have seen a gradual fading of the old ideals of higher education, which, during such available time as might be seized be­tween football games and house parties, concentrated on a consideration of venera­ble...

  • Merchant Marine Training
    By Ensign C. L. Bisbee, U. S. Naval Reserve

    The 1938 naval training duty of the Pacific coast quota of the Merchant Marine Reserve, from the stand­point of the reservist at least, was a suc­cess. The first impression of the Navy was decisive. The incident was only a minor one but...

  • James Shedden Palmer
    By Lieutenant Commander Charles Moran, U. S. Naval Reserve

    A Forgotten Protagonist of the Risorgimento


  • The U. S. Naval Engineering Experiment Station, Annapolis
    By Lieutenant Commander A. P. Calvert, U. S. Navy

    Introduction.—First class midshipman to plebe: “Mister, what is that group of buildings across the Severn River near the rifle range?”

    Plebe: “Sir,...

  • An Organization for the Navy Department
    By Rear Admiral J. K. Taussig, U. S. Navy

    The reorganization of the Navy De­partment has been a subject for dis­cussion ever since the World War demonstrated that the Department, as it then existed, was not adequately or prop­erly organized to administer efficiently the...

  • Consolidation of the Lighthouse Service with the Coast Guard
    By Robert H. Macy

    On July 1, 1939, two of the oldest government maritime services were combined-the U. S. Coast Guard and the U. S. Lighthouse Service. The former has been under the Treasury Department and the latter in recent years was a bureau of the Department...

  • The Morgan Purchases
    By Richard S. West, Jr.

    Gideon Welles, Lincoln’s Secretary of the Navy, always leaned over backward to do what he thought was right. Honest to the very marrow of his being, he practiced his virtues in secret. Honesty and modesty were his passions. As Charles Dana...

  • Ship's Orders—1815
    By Lieutenant J. F. Goodwin, U. S. Navy

    Somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, in the year 1815, Captain Wil­liam M. Crane, United States Navy, commanding officer of the U.S.S. Independ­ence, wrote a set of General Orders for his ship. In November, 1938, 123 years later, to be...

  • Guam - Our Western Outpost
    By Lieutenant Commander Frederick J. Nelson, U. S. Navy

    The island of Guam, until recently a remote dot in the western Pacific to most Americans, is now front page news. The 250 square miles of tropi­cal island with its 21,000 native Chamorro population had remained practically for­gotten by...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    The Birth of the Dreadnought
    (See page 1097, August, 1939, Proceedings)

    Dr. Ing. Wladimir V. Mendl, M.I.N.A. —Without any doubt the birth of the Dreadnought is due to the...

  • Book Reviews

    Jane’s Fighting Ships, 1939. Ed­ited by Francis E. McMurtrie, A.I.N.A. London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., Ltd. November 16, 1939. 525. (2§ Guineas.)

    Reviewed by Graser...

  • Notes on International Affairs

    Northern Europe

  • Professional Notes
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