The Battle of Salamis, 480 B.C.

By David Jean Edwards
February 1939
*This article was submitted in the Prize Essay Contest, 1938.The Battle of Salamis was one of the steppingstones of the democratic principle of government. The truth of this statement can ...

Port of Call

By Lieutenant (j.g.) Volkert F. G. Jacobs, U. S. Naval Reserve
February 1939
Around the first of every month, a deeply laden cargo vessel of the Isthmian Steamship Company sails from her New York pier outward bound on a regular, scheduled cargo service ...

The Loss of the Ticonderoga

By Lieutenant Colby G. Rucker, U. S. Navy
February 1939
About twenty years ago the last great American naval battle was fought by a blowsy little converted merchant vessel of 5,000 tons displacement which went down with 90 per cent ...

H.R. 9218

By Lieutenant Commander James E. Hamilton, U. S. Navy
February 1939
H.R. 9218 was enacted into law by presidential approval on May 17, 1938. This legislation entitled “An Act to establish the composition of the United States Navy, to authorize the ...

Commodore for Captain?

By Lieutenant Commander M. Emerson Murphy, U. S. Navy
February 1939
Not long ago there was broadcast over the radio a supposedly perplexing question, namely, who salutes first on meeting, an army captain or a navy captain? That a captain in ...

Charles H. Haswell and the Steam Navy

By George W. Dyson
February 1939
The question of who actually invented the steamboat is of academic interest only. It may have been “Poor John Fitch”; it may have been Rumsey; it may have been any ...

The Battle of Delaware Bay, 1782

By M. V. Brewington
February 1939
Trade and navigation on the Delaware River were indeed demoralized early in the winter of 1782. The newspapers were full of such paragraphs as "New-York, January 12, Arrived the rebel ...

Why No Blimps?

By Commander T. G. W. Settle, U. S. Navy
February 1939
The blimp (nonrigid airship) has the dubious honor of occupying the “forgotten ships” niche in the present-day navy’s museum of ship types. This niche has previously been tenanted by the ...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

February 1939
Ship Models—The Collections of Rogers, Sergison, and Pepys(See page 1553, November, 1938, Proceedings)Ensign Richard W. Mindte, USNR.—With reference to the Dutch attack on the English vessels on the Medway ...

Book Reviews

February 1939
WAR AT SEA UNDER QUEEN ANNE.By Commander J. H. Owen, R.N.New York: The Macmillan Company.1938. 316 pages. $7.50.Reviewed by Captain J. H. S. Dessez, U. S. NavyNow when the great ...

Notes on International Affairs

February 1939
UNITED STATES AND LATIN AMERICAAmerican Defense Program.—In his address at the opening of Congress on January 4 President Roosevelt vigorously described the dangers to democracy involved in the world-wide ...

Tripoli Monument

By Louis H. Bolander
February 1939
The City of Washington was much disturbed over the Chesapeake affair, and a fund for the relief of seamen injured at that disgraceful incident was raised in Washington. More than ...

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