The First Line Strengthens Pan-American Policy

By Commander Leland P. Lovette, U. S. Navy
December 1939
*This article was submitted in the Prize Essay Contest, 1939.“The Fleet must be ready.”Franklin D. Roosevelt, Commander in Chief, Navy Day—1938.IThere is a marked new current of thought ...

A Supplement to the Nautical Almanac

By Lieutenant Commander Robert E. Jasperson, U. S. Navy
December 1939
Certain portions of the complete data contained in the Nautical Almanac are of particular interest to the navigator, the astronomer, the surveyor, the aerologist, the artilleryman, the farmer, and others, ...

The Development of International Law

By Payson S. Wild, Jr.
December 1939
Inevitably, whenever the subject of international law is under discussion, the question is raised as to whether there is any such thing. Skepticism in regard to the existence of international ...

Napoleon’s First Defeat

By Robert W. Daly
December 1939
“Le sort de l’Orient est dans cette bicoque; la chute de cette ville est le but de mon expedition.”—Napoleon to Murat“ . . . the town is not, nor ...

Thoughts of a Merchant Marine Reservist

By Lieutenant H. C. Howe, U. S. Naval Reserve
December 1939
It is my firm opinion that before the Navy can have a really effective Merchant Marine Reserve and the United States a successful merchant service a much closer kinship must ...

The Absolute Altimeter

By Lieutenant John T. Hayward, U. S. Navy
December 1939
As we all know, one instrument or invention will never completely solve all instrument flying difficulties. One advance builds up to another which will eventually lead us to the solution ...

The Samoan Hurricane of 1889

From the Journal of the late Rear Admiral John M. Hawley, U. S. Navy; Submitted by his daughter, Beatrice Anderson Stengel
December 1939
In the autumn of 1888 I was on duty as executive officer of the U. S. sloop-of-war Nipsic, attached to the Pacific Station, and at this time anchored in ...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

December 1939
The Navy and the Committee on the Conduct of the War(See page 1751, this issue)Richard S. West, Jr.—“Civilian interference” with the prosecution of a war is a hazard which ...

Book Reviews

December 1939
BLUEJACKET, An Autobiography.By Chief Yeoman F. J. Buenzle, U. S. Navy (Retired).New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 1939. $3.00.Reviewed by Rear Admiral Elliot Snow (C.C.), U. S. Navy ...

Notes on International Affairs

December 1939
AMERICA AND THE WAREnd of Arms Embargo.—The Neutrality Act of 1939 became a law on November 4, some 6 weeks after Congress was convened for its consideration. It passed ...

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