Proceedings Magazine - October 1939 Vol. 65/10/440

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“The tendency to err is human but to err on the safe side is just being intelligent.”


It has been said in recent years that the traditional...



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  • Policy and the Naval Officer
    By Commander Walter L. Taylor, U. S. Navy

    “The tendency to err is human but to err on the safe side is just being intelligent.”


    It has been said in recent years that the traditional diplomatic role of the naval officer has declined in...

  • A Famous Shipbuilder Acts as Peacemaker at Home and Abroad
    By Richard C. McKay

    We like to dwell upon the romance of our Cape Horn Fleet; and what Donald McKay, master builder of ships at East Boston, did to win fame there should never fade as long as American love of the sea exists. As a crowning accomplishment, when the...

  • Our Oceanic Ills
    By the late Ensign John Wenlock Welch, U. S. Naval Reserve

    The history of the industrial strife that has swept our Merchant Marine from the early days has its roots in an adage the old-timers still swear was printed on salt-beef barrels put aboard sailing ships for the crews, i.e., “Unfit for human...

  • Some Men Ask No Odds
    By Lieutenant Commander Frederick M. Curran, U. S. Naval Reserve

    On October 29, 1916, the wireless station at Valencia, Ireland, took this message from the Dutch SS. Ryndam:

    Fifty degrees 20 min. north twenty degrees 30 min. west rescued 13 of the crew of the American tug Vigilant. Three men remained...

  • Some Forgotten Naval History—The First Navy Day, 1922
    By J. Russell Carney

    During the World War there was a club for the enlisted men of the Navy and Marine Corps located at 509 Fifth Avenue, New York City, known then as the Navy Club. The club was operated by a group of ladies under the leadership of Mrs. William H....

  • Damn the Torpedoes. . .?
    By Lieutenant Colonel Wilfrid Bovey, R.O.

    The history of war operations is peculiarly interesting to two classes of readers. The student of war as a science finds a source of information and ideas in almost every action; the student of history as a science has a remarkable opportunity...

  • The Wilkes Exploring Expedition
    By Captain G. S. Bryan, U. S. Navy

    The closing months of 1939 and early 1940 mark the one hundredth anniversary of the crowning achievement of the United States Exploring Expedition, or the Wilkes Exploring Expedition as it was later called. The accomplishments of this expedition...

  • A Navy Homebuilding and Financial Co-Operative
    By Charles M. Hatcher, Aviation Machinist's Mate 1c, U. S. Navy

    The problem of the married enlisted man and his economic tribulations is one which constantly becomes more important to the general morale of the fleet. Commander Truman P. Riddle (Ch.C.), U. S. Navy, in the January, 1939, issue of Naval...

  • Patrol Plane Navigation
    By Lieutenant E. M. Block, U. S. Navy

    The subject of patrol plane navigation is still in its infancy. A few people know something, but no one knows everything about it. Pensacola, with its crowded schedule, can give only a faint idea to the student. It does not claim to do more. The...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    Currents in Los Angeles Harbor and Vicinity

    (See page 685, May, 1939, Proceedings)

    Dr. H. U. Sverdrup, Director Scripps Institution of Oceanography.In a recent...

  • Book Reviews


    By Warwick M. Tompkins.

    Yachting Handbook Series. New York: John F. Winters. 174 pp. 1939. $1.50.

    Reviewed by F. W. Keator

  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U.S. Naval Academy


  • Professional Notes
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