Proceedings Magazine - July 1939 Vol. 65/7/437

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Some Material and Moral Aspects

“The nation that would rule upon the sea must always attack.”—Monk.



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  • Naval Strategy
    By Lieutenant E. M. Eller, U. S. Navy

    Some Material and Moral Aspects

    “The nation that would rule upon the sea must always attack.”—Monk.


  • A Sketch of Fleet Maintenance in Nelson’s Day
    By Commander M. F. Talbot (S.C.), U. S. Navy

    The logistic low limits in the ships of Nelson’s time were “wood and water.” There are repeated references to vessels absent from blockade station “employed in taking in wood and water.” And, curiously enough, these...

  • Some Lessons of the Spanish War
    By Vincent Usera, formerly Captain, Spanish Loyalist Infantry

    The broad technical aspects of the Spanish War have been covered too often and too well for any further elaboration. It is the lessons applicable to officers from battalion commander down with which I intend to deal here. There are valuable...

  • Commander John B. Montgomery and the Bear Flag Revolt
    By John Adam Hussey

    Late in the afternoon of April 22, 1846, the smart new sloop of war Portsmouth, 20 guns and the finest vessel of her class in the United States Navy, dropped anchor off the town of Monterey on the coast of Upper California, then a department of...

  • One Phase of the Promotion Problem
    By Captain Robert Alden Dawes, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    So much has been written on this subject that it would seem almost useless to attempt anything more. However, it is recognized by all that the perfect system has not yet been evolved and probably never will be, at least not until the human...

  • "The Bureau Regrets—"
    By Lieutenant J. S. Smith, Jr., U. S. Navy

    A recent article in the Proceedings, while mainly concerned with broader problems, again brought up that old perennial “excessive turnover of officers.” Perhaps it is time that someone came to the aid of the long-suffering Bureau of...

  • Co-Operation Between the German Army and Navy
    By Lieutenant Commander Roland E. Krause, U. S. Navy

    * This article was submitted in March, 1938.

  • The United States Needs a Larger Navy
    By Dr. E. Guy Talbott, Field Secretary, World Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches

    “A strong America is the highest contribution to world stability.”—Herbert Hoover


    The highest authorities in the United States government have made the declaration repeatedly that this nation has no...

  • The Proposed Nicaragua Canal
    By James L. Denig

    Balboa’s discovery of the Pacific Ocean in 1513 initiated a long series of explorations in search of a passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific. In the course of these expeditions the Straits of Magellan were first navigated, followed...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    The Loss of the Ticonderoga

    (See Page 185, February, 1939, Proceedings)

  • Book Reviews


    By Captain W. D. Puleston, U.S.N. New Haven: Yale University Press. 1939. 380 pages. $4.00.

    Reviewed by Captain R.B....

  • Notes on International Affairs


  • Professional Notes
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