Appraising Our Neutrality

By Lieutenant Commander Charles Moran, U. S. Naval Reserve
December 1938
“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings!” I What is this thing neutrality? I do not understand it. There is nothing ...

War on the Water Front

By Lieutenant Commander K. H. Donavin, U. S. Naval Reserve
December 1938
Four years have elapsed since the epochal marine strike on the Pacific coast, yet the memories of this disturbance remain indelibly printed on the minds of those who went through ...

Opium Obligato

By Lieutenant Commander Glenn Howell, U. S. Navy (Retired)
December 1938
EVERY man has his price, so they say, and that afternoon of September 6, 1920, the Skipper of the Palos reflected that his was at least ten thousand and one ...

Of Human Contacts

By Lieutenant Commander J. M. Sheehan, U. S. Navy
December 1938
The day began at the Receiving Ship in a manner such as the entries in the log of an old-time windjammer might have described—“This day begins with light northerly breezes, ...

To Bermuda with Vamarie

By Ensign R. W. McNitt, U. S. Navy
December 1938
On June 12 as Vamarie dropped her mooring in Annapolis Harbor, a cruise unique in the history of the United States Navy began. Aboard Were 9 officers and 5 enlisted ...

Election of a King

By Lieutenant (j.g.) Richard C. Williams, Jr., U. S. Navy
December 1938
In the archives, among the many spectacular incidents which might have changed the course of history, is found the election of a ruler for the Hawaiian Islands in 1874. How ...

Santiago—Forty Years After

By Walter Scott Meriwether
December 1938
(As remembered by one of the surviving war correspondents who reported the great naval victory. In the zinc-walled cable hut at Guantanamo, the young West Indian operator mechanically scribbled a ...

Towing the Crane Ship

By Commander Robert B. Carney, U. S. Navy
December 1938
In 1926 the U.S.S. Brazos towed Crane Ship No. 1 (Ex-Kearsarge) from Boston to Bremerton; a decade later it became apparent that the 250-ton lifting power of the Kearsarge’s big ...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

December 1938
The Return to Sail (See page 1464, October, 1938, Proceedings) Commander E. L. Vanderkloot, U. S. Navy.—Ensign Hauck’s article may be considered as most timely in view of the interest ...

Book Reviews

December 1938
THE COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF QUARTERLY, September, 1938, third quarter. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Subscription rate: $1.00 a year in the United States and possessions, Cuba and Mexico; foreign, $2.00 a ...

Notes on International Affairs

December 1938
CENTRAL EUROPE The Price of Peace.—There may be some argument against the view of Winston Churchill and other opponents of Chamberlain’s policy that a strong stand on the part of ...

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