Proceedings Magazine - September 1938 Vol. 64/9/427

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*This article was submitted in the Prize Essay Contest, 1938. (See illustrations pages 1242-48 and 1267-69.)

“Quod Habemus Tenemus”...



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  • Tankers as Naval Auxiliaries
    By B. Orchard Lisle

    *This article was submitted in the Prize Essay Contest, 1938. (See illustrations pages 1242-48 and 1267-69.)

    “Quod Habemus Tenemus”

  • The Perennial Philippine Problem
    By Lieutenant Commander J. A. Lee, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    Among the many surprises and startling events of this year of grace 1938, let us consider the following:

  • Why Training in Sail?
    By Lieutenant Commander James W. Baldwin, U. S. Naval Reserve

    There is nothing surprising in the news item lately published in the maritime news of the daily papers and marine journals that the Hamburg- American Line is negotiating for the purchase of the famed L’Avenir, big steel four- masted bark...

  • The End of the Ex-U.S.S. Memphis
    By Robert McClintock

    To the officers who served in the former U.S.S. Memphis (ex-Tennessee) it will no doubt be welcome news that the hulk of this once beautiful vessel, which for more than 20 years remained a tragic monument at the harbor entrance of Santo Domingo,...

  • The Use of Mines Against Submarines
    By Robert M. Grant

    Perhaps the most effective weapon used by the Allies against the German submarines in the World War was the mine, accounting as it did for over 30 per cent of the losses. This showing is the more remarkable because of its extreme inefficiency at...

  • Administration of Justice: Courts—Martial vs. Criminal Courts
    By Lieutenant Commander J. C. Delpino, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    “Give everyone his own.”—Code Frederic

  • The Development of Fleet Aviation During the World War
    By Lieutenant Commander C. R. Brown, U. S. Navy



  • The Career of Captain George Vancouver
    By Lieutenant Commander Bern Anderson, U. S. Navy

    Few, if any, voyages in the history of navigation have been as successful as the one to the northwest coast of America made in the years 1791-95 by Captain George Vancouver of the British Navy. His two small ships returned to England safely after...

  • Chungking to Ichang
    By Lieutenant Commander Glenn Howell, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    The Palos and the Monocacy were constructed by the Mare Island Navy Yard. In sections they were shipped in the hold of a freighter to Shanghai and were put together there for service on a river they never left. They...

  • Effects of Aerial Bombardment in China
    By Lieutenant C. E. Coffin, Jr., U. S. Navy
    The writer has had the opportunity to observe the effects of a number of aerial bombings of the Chinese-held cities along the Yangtze Kiang since the first bombing of Nanking early in August. It has been possible, in many cases, to visit bombed...
  • The Tragedy of Pelee
    By Colonel Frank E. Evans, U. S. Marine Corps

    In all the annals of the American Navy’s assistance to stricken peoples, there is but one record where a volcanic eruption brought our men-of-war rushing to their aid. World-wide are the instances where the ravages of earthquakes and...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    Training the Merchant Marine Naval Reserve Officer

    (See page 1760, December, 1937, Proceedings)

  • Book Reviews

    NORTHERNMOST LABRADOR MAPPED FROM THE AIR. By Alexander Forbes. New York: American Geographical Society. Special Publication No. 22. 255 pages and maps. 1938. $4.00.

    Reviewed by Captain G. S. Bryan, U. S. Navy

    This is a...

  • Notes on International Affairs

    Chaco Settlement Signed.—On July 21 representatives of the six mediatory neutral states—Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, United States, and Paraguay—induced the two Chaco belligerents to sign at Buenos Aires an agreement clearing...

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