Proceedings Magazine - July 1938 Vol. 64/7/425

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“Remember that death is lighter than a feather but duty is heavier than a mountain.


It is Japan’s destiny to become a world Power, it may be a world...



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  • Japan's Rising Sun
    By Lieutenant Ernest M. Eller, U. S. Navy

    “Remember that death is lighter than a feather but duty is heavier than a mountain.


    It is Japan’s destiny to become a world Power, it may be a world conqueror, bringing death or glory, destruction or...

  • Material Administration Aboard Ship
    By Commander Robert B. Carney, U. S. Navy

    At the very outset let it be understood that this topic is presented to the reader from the viewpoint the operating personnel and not from that of designer, specially trained expert, or those offices solely concerned with material matters. Those...

  • Some Observations on the Pacific Coast Maritime Labor Situation
    By Roger D. Lapham

    Among the many problems, and unquestionably the most difficult, with which American industry has had to deal during the past four years, ranks the one that may be defined by the familiar, if somewhat generic, newspaper headline—“Labor...

  • The Merchant Marine Reserve Cruise of 1937
    By Lieutenant (j.g.) Archie Horka, U. S. Naval Reserve
    1.  A Reserve in Being

    Since its inception some ten years ago, the Merchant Marine Reserve has numbered among its members a steadfast group that held faithfully to the belief that in this...

  • The San Marcos
    By Lieutenant Commander Radford Moses, U. S. Naval Reserve

    A recent inquiry concerning the reason for the wreck of the San Marcos in Chesapeake Bay stirred a memory of my midshipman days. Search of a first cruise “bazoo” and another boyhood album yielded interesting recollections. These are...

  • 1938 - A New Safety Era in the American Merchant Marine "Safety in Operations"
    By Lieutenant Commander Edward C. Holden, Jr., U. S. Naval Reserve

    "Safety of Life at Sea” is a very live issue in the affairs of the American Merchant Marine.

    “Safety in Operations” has become an acute problem due to the demoralization of man power. American commercial sea power is...

  • A Sealubber Takes the Air
    By Lieutenant Commander Ray D. Tarbuck, U. S. Navy

    A woolpack fog bank is rolling into the Golden Gate. It looks heavy enough to bowl over the new bridge towers, but I suppose it will flow gently around them as usual. It is time to get out of town if we have any idea of the contempt that fogs...

  • The Naval Race?
    By Lieutenant Commander James E. Hamilton, U. S. Navy

    Since the adoption of new rules of procedure by the Congress, following the passage of the Budget and Accounting Act in 1921, the process of obtaining authority for constructing naval Vessels has been somewhat cumbersome and probably not...

  • The Rebel Rams
    By Fletcher Pratt

    When Lieutenant John M. Brooke of the Confederate States Navy shook hands with Constructor J. L. Porter in the Richmond office of Secretary Mallory on an unknown date in the summer of 1861, there was formed one of those collaborations of...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    The Merchant Reserve Cruise of 1937

    (See page 975 this issue)

    Captain J. A. Schofield, U. S. Naval Reserve.—This article will be beneficial in arousing more widespread interest, both within and without the service, in naval...

  • Book Reviews

    ROOM TO SWING A CAT. By Lieutenant Frederick J. Bell, U.S. Navy, with a Foreword by the Secretary of the Navy. New York: Longmans, Green & Co. 265 pp. 1938. $3.00.

    Reviewed by Lieutenant Commander Melvin F. Talbot (S.C.), U. S. Navy...

  • Notes on International Affairs


    Czech Storm Center—Although the critical situation in May between Germany and Czechoslovakia was for the time being considerably relieved, the end of the month brought no assurance that tension might not be renewed,...

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