Proceedings Magazine - April 1938 Vol. 64/4/422

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It is always possible to do infinite harm with the best intentions in the world. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in cases where natural economic laws are tampered with.



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  • A Merchant Marine Policy
    By R. T. Merrill, General Marine Superintendent, Merchants and Miners Transportation Co.


    It is always possible to do infinite harm with the best intentions in the world. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in cases where natural economic laws are tampered with.

  • Transatlantic Aviation as an Adjunct to Merchant Shipping
    By W. H. Coverdale, President, American Export Lines, Inc.

    A little over a century ago American merchant ships captured first position on the seas of the world and so far outdistanced competition that there was no second. Previously, for three centuries, domination of the valuable trade routes of...

  • A Brief History of the American Merchant Marine
    By Lieutenant Ralph R. Gurley, U. S. Navy

    Practically since the very beginning of our country a merchant marine has been considered only in the light of a business venture, the success of which was dependent upon character of services rendered, the availability of cargoes, and ability to...

  • Some Aspects of the Personnel Problem in Our Merchant Marine
    By Rear Admiral G. J. Rowcliff, U. S. Navy

    Every man, woman, and child in the United States of America has a stake directly or indirectly in the creation and operation of an efficient and sufficient merchant fleet under our national flag. By such a fleet our goods, and particularly our...

  • American Shipping Subsidies
    By Lieutenant Lane C. Kendall, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve
    A great program for American shipping, designed to rejuvenate our Merchant Marine, has recently been announced by the United States Maritime Commission. Ninety-five ships are to be constructed, and trade routes are to be changed to fit existing...
  • The Necessity for a Definite Shipping Replacement Program
    By H. Gerrish Smith, President, National Council of American Shipbuilders

    The people of the United States through their Representatives in Congress have decreed that this country shall have a merchant marine adequate to meet the requirements of commerce, and as an auxiliary to national...

  • Our Nation's Inland Seas
    By C. C. Hanks and R. B. Falkiner

    Ever since Chevalier de la Salle sailed away in his Griffin one day in 1679, men have heard the call of trade on the now familiar waters of the Great Lakes. The Lakes have furnished tragedy, romance, drama. The canoes of the Chippewas...

  • What Ails Our Merchant Marine
    By Lieutenant Commander Louis Di Palma, U. S. Naval Reserve

    IN THE public press one often reads statements and editorials by various individuals. Some of these individuals are connected in one way or another with ships and shipping; others, though not connected with either, feel that they know something...

  • The Shipowner Must Mend His Ways
    By Stanley A. Wheeler

    LABOR relations in the shipping industry have long been characterized by an unenlightened attitude on the part of both employer and employee. The employer, for his part, has in the past imposed long hours, low wages, and cramped quarters. The...

  • Shore Administration of a Shipping Company
    By Lieutenant Matthew Radom, U. S. Naval Reserve

    It has been recently announced that naval officers will be examined in their promotion examinations on matters pertaining to the American Merchant Marine. An understanding of how our maritime business is administered ashore may be of assistance...

  • Modernize the Navigation Laws for the Merchant Marine
    By Lieutenant Edward B. Ellis, U. S. Naval Reserve

    DURING several years' experience in the Merchant Marine as a ship's officer the writer has observed, read about, and heard of more or less serious breaches of discipline. The writer is not a lawyer but he does believe that there is urgent...

  • Is It Possible?
    By Brockholst Livingston

    I present to the Congress the question of whether or not the United States should have an adequate merchant marine.”1

    The answer to that question was given by Congress, acting for the people, in what is known as the...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    Introducing the American Merchant Marine into High Schools

  • Book Reviews

    THE CASSONS ROLL-A MILITARY SURVEY OF EUROPE. By Hanson W. Baldwin. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 323 pages. 1938. $2.50. REVIEWED BY CAPTAIN W. D. PULESTON, U. S. NAVY (RETIRED)

    Hanson Baldwin's book is stimulating and that is the...

  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U.S. Naval Academy



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