Courtesy Louis H. Bolander

Civil War Annapolis

By Louis H. Bolander
November 1937
The discovery of a slender volume in the Library of Congress calls to mind a period of our history when Annapolis played no small part in the fortunes of the ...

Wider Horizons

By Commander L. F. Safford, U. S. Navy
November 1937
“Tempus fugit” From the beginning of history man has sought to free himself from the limitations of time and space, and to transmit intelligence beyond the sound of his voice ...

A Comparison of Costs

By Captain Ronald Barber (D.C.), U. S. Navy
November 1937
The statement is frequently made that the present system of retiring naval officers who have not been selected for promotion adds to the expense of the government. An increasing number ...

Trafalgar: The Death Knell of an Alliance

By Lieutenant Commander Charles Moran, U. S. Naval Reserve
November 1937
“Tout capitaine est a son poste, s’il est au feu” I “A la mar, manana misma!” On October 8, 1805, aboard the French flagship Bucentaure at an­chor in the outer ...

A Strategy for Thrift

By Captain John T. Salmon, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve
November 1937
When the installment collectors are hounding you, when your wife needs a new coat and you can’t pay for it; in fact, almost always when you are wondering where the ...

Military Leadership

By Captain E. F. Carlson, U. S. Marine Corps
November 1937
When the subject of military leadership is suggested our first thought is: What do we mean by it? I like this definition: It is the art of developing, maintaining, and ...

"Splice the Main Brace"

By Lieutenant Commander R. E. Bassler (C.E.C.), U. S. Navy
November 1937
An interesting item contained in the newspapers of Friday, November 13, 1936, stated that King Edward VIII had finished his inspection of the British Home Fleet at Portsmouth, England. His ...

Head and Head

By Lieutenant Raymond F. Farwell, U. S. Naval Reserve Associate Professor of Transportation, University of Washington
November 1937
Meeting vessels have been de­scribed with meticulous care in Art. 18, International and Inland Rules, and in the corresponding Pilot Rule IV, as vessels approaching each other in such a ...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

November 1937
Safety Third (See page 1144, August, 1937, Proceedings) Lieutenant W. N. Mansfield, U. S. Naval Reserve.—From previous experi­ence in the Navy and in my present capacity as a marine safety ...

Book Reviews

November 1937
Gales, Ice, and Men . A biography of the steam barkentine Bear. By Lieu­tenant Commander Frank Wead, U. S. Navy (Retired). New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. 272 pp. 1937. ...

Notes on International Affairs

November 1937
The War in China Protests Unheeded.—During the first stages of the warfare in China the West­ern nations remained relatively apathetic and concerned chiefly with protection of their nationals and avoidance ...

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