Proceedings Magazine - December 1937 Vol. 63/12/418

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“Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis”

From the dim dawn of history down to the present upheaval in the Old World the cry of man has...



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  • Sea Power and World Peace
    By Lieutenant Commander Howard Gray Brownson, U. S. Naval Reserve

    “Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis”

    From the dim dawn of history down to the present upheaval in the Old World the cry of man has been peace, yet only for short periods has this...

  • The Blockade of Tripoli, 1801-1802
    By Lieutenant Felix Howland, U. S. Marine Corps Reserve

    On May 14, 1801, Tripoli declared war against the United States. Shortly thereafter an American squadron under the command of Commodore Richard Dale appeared in the Mediterranean, and on July 23, 1801, Mr. William Eaton, the Consul at Tunis,...

  • Commercial Air Navigation
    By Ensign H. G. Gulbransen, U. S. Naval Reserve


  • Sweden Reefs Her Sails
    By Rodger L. Simons

    Sea lovers who mourn the passing of the spacious days of sail will find cause for tears in a recent action of the Swedish Riksdag or Parliament. Prompted to economize in other directions by the demands of an increased defense budget, this body...

  • War and Peace
    By Lieutenant Commander Roland E. Krause, U. S. Navy
    “Equality causes no war.”—Solon

    Peace is a vision which mankind has long cherished but never achieved. Invariably the vision has faded and become but a dream. Yet the appeal for peace...

  • The Wampanoag
    By Lieutenant Ralph R. Gurley, U. S. Navy

    In 1868 there was launched, as a finish­ing touch to our immense Civil War naval building program, a vessel of such remarkable speed and endurance as to fail of credence among maritime nations. This vessel and her 7 sister-ships were de­...

  • It's a Long Long Trail to Hawaii
    By Commander H. V. Wiley, U. S. Navy

    It is a busy day on a cargo transport in San Diego late in January and the deck winches are swinging out cargo a merry rate.

    Outside the Captain’s cabin are heard footsteps slowly approaching and a snatch a song that sounds like...

  • Small Arms and the Navy
    By Harrison P. Martin

    There was once a time, as every Navy man knows, when small arms — musket, pistol, cutlass, and pike — were of much greater relative importance in naval combat than they are today. Gunnery being what it was, ships going into action...

  • Training the Merchant Marine Naval Reserve Officer
    By Lieutenant Commander Louis Di Palma, U. S. Naval Reserve

    In considering the training of the Merchant Marine Naval Reserve of­ficer for possible service afloat in time of emergency, several important factors must be considered, in order to obtain a clear and fair picture of the work ahead and of the...

  • The Sinking of the Alcedo
    By Carlos C. Hanks

    Three heavily laden cargo carriers, slogging along abreast and escorted by four slim, gray steam yachts, groped through a misty night north of Belle lie, bound for Brest. Ahead, the U.S.S. Aphrodite plunged, with squalls in­termittently...

  • Recreational Camps For Enlisted Men
    By Commander Truman Post Riddle (Ch.C.) U. S. Navy

    During the last two years the Thirteenth Naval District has maintained camps for the enlisted personnel of seven of our battleships and two aircraft carriers, giving over 3,000 men the chance to breathe the fragrance pine forests, to fish, swim,...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    Training the Merchant Marine Naval Reserve Officer
    (See page 1760, this issue.)

    Lieutenant W. N. Mansfield, U. S. Naval Reserve—Captain Di Palma has directed our attention to a condition that merits considerable discussion and...

  • Book Reviews

    Brittany patrol. By H. Wickliffe Rose. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 368 pages. Illustrated. 1937. $3.50.

    Reviewed by Captain J. F. Shafroth, U. S. Navy

  • Professional Notes
  • Photographs
  • Notes on International Affairs

    The War in China


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