Proceedings Magazine - July 1937 Vol. 63/7/413

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Acquired from Russia, with the Territory of Alaska seventy odd years ago, the Aleutian Islands have received slight attention. A partially submerged continuation of the Aleutian range of mountains...



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  • Seagoing Indians
    By Commander Alfred Tawresey, U. S. Navy

    Acquired from Russia, with the Territory of Alaska seventy odd years ago, the Aleutian Islands have received slight attention. A partially submerged continuation of the Aleutian range of mountains on the Alaskan Peninsula, they form a natural...

  • Harbor Hunting in Alaska
    By Captain J. M. Ellicott, U. S. Navy (Retired)

    While making a study of ocean highways at the Naval War Col­lege I happened one day to stretch an elastic across a globe from Puget Sound to China and Japan and found that it passed close to several points on the coast of Alaska. From that...

  • Bogoslof Island
    By Lieutenant (j.g.) George E. Morris, Jr., U. S. Coast & Geodetic Survey

    The first complete survey of the ac­tive volcano, Bogoslof Island, was accomplished from the ship Discoverer, H. B. Campbell, Commanding, during the 1935 season. The following para­graphs are from the Descriptive Report of the topographic...

  • Some Ships That Have Passed
    By Boatswain M. A. Ransom, U. S. Coast Guard

    When and by whom salmon were first discovered in the waters of the north Pacific is unknown, but some hundred years ago the white man became commercially conscious of these slippery, shiny swimming “nuggets of gold.” When a fisherman...

  • Notes on Alaska Piloting
    By Lieutenant Raymond F. Farwell, U. S. Naval Reserve Associate Professor of Transportation, University of Washington

    It might be appropriate to begin this discussion by remarking that one of the most important services performed by Alaska pilots is not Alaska piloting at all, but the safe conduct of vessels through the bewildering maze of channels...

  • King Island
    By Lieutenant Commander C. H. Hilton, U. S. Coast Guard

    Home may be where the heart is, but the lonely mist-shrouded rock known as King Island, that thrusts itself abruptly up from the Bering Sea about 30 miles off the Alaskan coast, is one place to which I shouldn’t permit my heart to...

  • Tempest and Storm in Ultima Thule
    By Lieutenant Howard B. Hutchinson, U. S. Navy

    "Nor shall Thule be the extremity of the world."—Seneca.

  • Life in the Aleutian Islands
    By Lieutenant Commander W. M. Lockhart, U. S. Navy

    For years the Navy has maintained radio stations at Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands and at St. Paul in the Pribilof Islands, and many radiomen and their families have spent a year or two at these places thus becoming sourdoughs.” This...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    Why the Little Foxes Grow to be Big Foxes on Semisopochnoi Island

    Lieutenant Commander Thomas H. Robbins, Jr., U. S. Navy.—This tale was told me by an Indian fur trapper of Great Sitkin Island, whom I...

  • Book Reviews

    Chemicals in War. By Lieutenant Colonel Augustin M. Prentiss, C.W.S., U.S.A., with chapters on the Protection of Civil Populations and International Situation by Major G. J. B. Fisher, C.W.S., U.S.A. New York:...

  • Notes On International Affairs

    The War in Spain

  • Professional Notes

    To May 30

    United States...................................................................................... 1032

    Vessels under Construction—Hindenburg Disaster—New Model Basin Named-—-Various...

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