Proceedings Magazine - December 1936 Vol. 62/12/406

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The story of the part played by Brazil in the World War, and especially that played by her Navy, is of interest for many reasons, one of the most outstanding of which is the fact that of the eight...



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  • The Brazilian Navy in the World War
    By Walton L. Robinson

    The story of the part played by Brazil in the World War, and especially that played by her Navy, is of interest for many reasons, one of the most outstanding of which is the fact that of the eight nations of Latin America which declared war on...

  • The Results of Jutland
    By Lieutenant (j.g.) L. T. Miles, U. S. Navy

    “In Hoc Signo Vinces”

  • Fighting the U-Boats
    By Carlos C. Hanks

    The Luckenbach’s Armed Guard

    CHIEF Master-at-Arms J. B. Trautner, U. S. Navy, stood in a bridge wing of the freighter J. L. Luckenbach, France-bound and in Lat. 48-08 N., Long. 08-31 W. He was ruminating on...

  • Marking of Enlisted Men
    By Lieutenant (j.g.) R. O. Lucier, U. S. Navy

    THE PRESENT system of marking enlisted men for quarterly marks and for promotion examinations is adequate and satisfactory, but the method used in that system is neither accurate nor satisfactory. All one has to do to prove the above...

  • Submarines and the London Treaty
    By Commander E. E. Hazlett, Jr., U. S. Navy

    Public revulsion over the inhumane and ruthless use of submarines by our adversaries during the World War demanded that they be banished forever from the seas. With the passing of the years this demand has grown less and less...

  • United States Submarine Chasers at Gibraltar, November, 1918
    By Commander Edward C. Raguet, U. S. Navy

    Late in October, 1918, information was received at U. S. Naval Headquarters, London, from various of our own and Allied intelligence centers in enemy territory that, Austria having collapsed, the German submarines based on ports at...

  • Future Uses of Submarines
    By Lieutenant J. C. Hubbard, U. S. Navy


  • A Fix from Altitude and Azimuth at Sea and in the Air
    By Captain Radler de Aquino, Brazilian Navy

    A FIX AT sea or in the air can be obtained by the methods and tables indicated below by means of the simultaneous observations of altitude and azimuth of a single celestial body in a very simple and practical way:...

  • The First American Submarine
    By Lieutenant Harry Sanders, U. S. Navy

    MAN’S IMAGINATION has been captivated from early antiquity with the romance of underwater navigation. In very early times crude diving bells were devised. Alexander the Great was interested in submarine navigation, presumably as an aid to...

  • Robert Fulton's Turtle Boat
    By Commander W. B. Rovvbotham, Royal Navy (Retired)

    It is well known that Robert Fulton produced a submarine boat, the Nautilus, at the end of the eighteenth century when he endeavored, but without success, to get the French government to take it up. In 1804 he came over to England and proposed...

  • What Is Modern Navigation?
    By Henry F. Long, Master Mariner

    There seems to be a widespread opinion in naval circles that officers of the U. S. Merchant Marine have failed to avail themselves of the new and up-to-date methods of seamanship and navigation. Articles have appeared in various...

  • Excess Weight in Submarines
    By Lieutenant Colby G. Rucker, U. S. Navy

    The addition of weight to any vessel is a serious matter, as it usually results in a decrease of stability, a lowering of maximum speed, and an increased fuel consumption per knot. In general all of our naval vessels are more or less...

  • Discussions, Comments and Notes

    International Law and the Submarine

    (See page 1213, September, 1935, Proceedings)

  • Notes on International Affairs
    Prepared by Professor Allan Westcott, U.S. Naval Academy



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    Members of the Institute, both regular and associate, may save money by ordering books through its Book Department, which will supply any obtainable book. A discount of 10 per cent is allowed on...

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