The CCC with the Navy

By Captain C. M. Austin, U. S. Navy
June 1935
Contrary to the general service impression, it has not always been a case of the Navy with the CCC. In some instances at least, the reverse is true, for the ...

Old Glory on Wake Island

June 1935
*From Twice-A-Week Picayune, New Orleans, May 1899. This article was sent in by Commander Philip Seymour, U. S. Navy.Commander E. D. Taussig of the United States gunboat Benning­ton describes for ...

Planning and Estimating at Navy Yards

By Captain L. S. Border (C. C.), U. S. Navy
June 1935
An efficient navy yard must have a properly organized planning and estimating section. This implies adequate personnel of proper qualifications, well trained. It is evident that the number, qualifications, and ...

Safe Stems for Ships

By Lieutenant Commander T. W. Sheridan, U. S. Naval Reserve
June 1935
Just before the World War started there was a movement under way to bring about an international agree­ment to change the dangerous shape of merchant ships’ stems as it was ...

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